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and what about this find on yoox?
DIESEL Men - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX
It's thanaz, but what wash is it? And how do these run? What size should I choose? bigger or smaller?
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I think it is (R)8HG. Looks pretty cheap and boring in my opinion though...
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that dude needs to sag...badly.
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By the way... the following is Safado R726. Just got it from Yoox and it is instantly going back

DIESEL Für Ihn - Denim - Jeanshosen DIESEL auf YOOX

It just looks awful in person. Do not know how to describe it but it seems like it is pilling. And it runs very short and tight for a Safado also...
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good to know.. was thinking about that.
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Why are the Diesels on yoox so cheap, are they last years style or something?
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Yeah, or even older overstock.
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LOL @ Yoox, Timmen 8GI in women's section...

DIESEL Women - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX
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Bwaaahhhhahaha! That's funny.
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Has anyone got a coupon code for Yoox.com?
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should stay in the womans section, way to fugly-
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Timmen 8GI looks far better in person
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and on men.
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One of those 74 Dollar Safados is R8BI. I just got them. they're pretty ok. definitely more understated than regular 8bi, but pretty decent for the price.
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what is the rise on timmen, mid, low, high?
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Originally Posted by Cez1029 View Post
what is the rise on timmen, mid, low, high?
High, dood.
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That is what I thought. It gives that chick a mom jeans look.
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The rise on my 32w timmen 8gi's is 10 1/2. That's considered high?
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Look in the Diesel cut masterlist, the answers are in there. Timmen is indeed a high-rise hipster cut. It can be sized up or sagged, it's kinda versatile. But I can't fit TTS in it really. Too painful.
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DIESEL Men - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX

anyone know what wash this is?
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Anybody know anything about this timmen, looks pretty decent, its relatively inexpensive.

DIESEL Men - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX
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^did you take a look at the backpockets?
no wonder they are inexpensive
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Wow, fugly.
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timmen 8GE

they're in the "worst backpockets ever" thread...
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DIESEL Men - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX

what do you think about that wash?
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