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Are these Authentic?

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They all look real to me based on those pics....Wow, those 2nd ones are gorgeous!
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1) rainbow darkhandsand
2)must be a sample, looks like black/rinse wash
3)rainbow sunshine bleached
4)super T in rinse
5)bleached Super T

They all have the sames background on boxes, where are these coming from?

I have yet to see #2 or #5
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The second one is for girls!? Wonder what the wash is. I've been dreaming about a TR with thick white horse shoed forever. They're HOT!
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#2 i want i want! ok as well as number 1 and 4 ... hehe...where did you find these!! (tell me please!!)

snag them totally!
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found em ... these are on ioffer
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I would stay away, this is notorious for stolen pics, bait& switch....the old forum had numerous topics on this.
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If they are on Ioffer, I would not bid! Ecpecially with the second pic.. can anyon identify the wash?>
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