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what exactly do you mean by they are diesel but they are fake? do you just mean they are fake diesel jeans or something else? Sorry for the question but I am a little bit confused :P

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Sorry, I meant they are fake Diesels but you posted them in the wrong section.


There is a Diesel section on the forum and you posted in the TR section.

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Hi all.  Its been a while since I have been on here but I love the new look and features.  I do have something I need your expert opinions on.  I sold some TR Stellas recently and the buyer took them to some one to have them authenticated(no idea who) who said these were fakes.  I felt pretty comfortable that they were authentic but I am not perfect so I wanted to ask for  some real expert opinions.  Here is the auction http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170548912717&ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT

Please tell me your thoughts on these or let me know if you need more photos.



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Those are real.

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What about these:






Read a lot about what's real and what is not, however, having a hard time with these. I need the length (36). Did these ever come out in 36? Or should I just buy a new pair of the MVP's?


Thanks for your help!

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Those are ugly for sure.

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Hi -- I'm new here.  I have purchased three pairs of premium denim jeans recently from a woman's clothing (on line) shop called MyShape.  You give them your measurements and they pick the right size for you.  Two of them are TR's.  (The other was 7FAM.)  The Beckys fit perfectly but the Billy's feel tight around the pockets, however they are wearable.   Do I have any reason to doubt the authenticity of items from this retailer?  So far I have been happy with this retailer.

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MyShape is an authentic retailer.

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Thank you Marc!  My first 7FAM in 2006 were fake I later learned, didn't want to go there again!

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That's what we are here for! icon_smile.gif

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Hi folks I was just looking for someone to tell me if these are real, before I spend the money to get them for my girlfriend.  Thanks in advance.






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Fake IMO. the horseshoe is all wrong, and the denim is cheap looking. also the tag font is off.

Wait for a mod to confirm, but i am pretty sure about these being fake!

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Indeed those are fake.

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Thanks to both of you for the input.  You saved me money.  Now back to searching for some real ones lol.

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The post says:

You are bidding on a 100% GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC, NEW WITHOUT TAGS pair of WOMENS TRUE RELIGION STELLA "OLD GLORY" JEANS IN A SIZE 26! WASH IS CALLED "INGLORIOUS." These are a BRAND NEW release from TRUE RELIGION and were just listed on their website. These are a sample pair so there may be writing on the inside and/or no style tag underneath the size tag. Be one of the first people to own this NEWLY RELEASED pair at a fraction of the retail price!!


Are these real?  And if they are, about how much would they be worth?

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They are real.  They are worth however much you are willing to spend.  If you are asking how much do/did they retail for I would have to guess they are in the $170 range.

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Thanks for your help Marc, that's good to know :)

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hi i need help authenticating this... pls and thanksje.bmpjee.bmpjeee.bmpjeeee.bmpjeeeee.bmpjeeeeee.bmpjeeeeeee.bmp

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You already PMd me about these and I told you they are super fake.  No reason to post again.

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Why are you asking again if you got an answer? Noone is going to be able to tell you better than him anyway.  what if you posted this here and someone had told you they were real. Would you have bought them even though Marc said they were fake already? Doesnt make sense really.

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