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^ yea, it blocks it because of your avatars.

( <3 btw)
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bump this thread up to hear some more suggestions on how we can continue to improve
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Where is Laurie ?
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Oh, OK...

Is the perpetrator still out of prison ?
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... it's Lauren, Tee, so there was no way that shit was going to happen without in vitro.
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please tell me you're not drivin' at "sperm-robbery" or something !?

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The forum has been down for me for most of the day today. I wonder why it's so hard to keep it running?
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Yea so sorry about that. Our new backup system ended up working too well and jammed the forum for a bit. We are putting in systems to avoid this in the future.

Here is a thread about it in chat.
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It's just really frustrating because I enjoy being a member here, and I check the forum frequently, but I've never been on another forum that has as many issues staying online as this one. I think the outages have cost HF quite a few members, which is unfortunate.
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HF was down for me a significant part of the day yesterday and today it seems to be running extremely slow.
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it was down for me all day yesterday, fine today thu
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another bump!
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First asking how we are doing,then closing your ears(in this case thread) to hear how it is going is no good.
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there has been suggestions in other threads.....

wait i dont get it... does dave read ANYTHING on HF other than post? sighs
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Dave, if you're just gonna do what YOU want to anyway, why even ask us? Not that you seem to care or anything, just curious....

Seriously, wtf happened to this place?
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it died
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I'm picking up on that. I haven't been active for a while until recently. Catching up on all of the craziness has been interesting. I know where I'll be at most of the time now
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Complain/suggestion: stop banning Pee,ok
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I second that. Maybe a few more unbannings would benefit this place as well.
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Why did they ban him.He did nothing.Weird?Daves jealousy on musclecs??????
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I've always been annoyed that I seem to have to log back in repeatedly.

A typical instance is probably about to happen right now.

I'm writing a reply to a thread, and it's a bit lengthy, maybe a minute or so due to a rewrite...

So now I got to post it,..

Well, of course it didn't do it that time! But many times I'm brought to the login screen.

Anyways, the point is, can you extend the time I get to post things, increase the allotted time on the activity monitor before it logs me out? Anyone else having this problem? All the time?
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try selecting the "remember me" option
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yeah, I did that Cez, long ago.

I'm a web developer (mostly Flash and Wordpress), but I've used this forum software before (back in '05), and I know you can set the amount of time before a user is logged out due to inactivity.

The idea is to log people out to lighten the burden on the servers (if people aren't doing anything, you log them out to allocate more server processing power to those who are actually doing something on the site), BUT HF has it set too low I believe!!

Add this to a long list of web developer/designer gripes I have about this site. Step it up or pay me to , I got layed off!
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