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This sux.
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I know it's been said many times before (not enough times, obviously, since it's still happening) and I'm sure you guys are trying to figure it out, but please fix the server problem.

that is all...thank you,

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This has now gone beyond ridiculous. I was only able to log in once all day. I tried from my phone and my computer and still got the server message. I highly doubt the server is actually busy, since no one can log in and it was the middle of the day anyway.

How much more do we have to pay to buy a staff that actually gives a shit? Maybe those free membership upgrades are to blame? Come on guys...
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FACT: the server died while reading ross' post, i couldn't +1 him
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Been like it for days
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It's simple, the forum is a ghost town. With such very little activity, there are less people buying memberships or getting pro accounts. As a result the money flow is weaker than usual, and only is depended on the ads. Because of this the server can't keep up with lack of funds!!!

Give this forum a fighting chance!

Go Pro

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yeah wtf, I tried posting stuff in the mall and keep on getting errors!
I don't care if they collect 1% for the transactions as fees, FIX THIS SERVER PROBLEM PL0X!!!
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Couldn't log in all day, at all.

You'd think that with HF being such a ghost town that it would be a lighter load on the server... at least until the money runs dry. I've seen several forums hit the dirt, and it always starts like this.
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I was logged in and was going to click this thread, and then when I do... the damned server message. Ugh.
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Yea, the past 3 days have been especially awful for me. The server is always too busy for hours at a time for me.
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Yeah, I've been having a hell of a time logging in as well. Although frankly, I don't think it's the staff's fault that it's been slower/membership isn't increasing. It's not their job to come up with interesting topics to discuss- as members, we're the ones who are supposed to be active and create the life around here.
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this place would be 1000x more lively if peter was unbanend
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Or pay dee-oso overtime or something...
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Hmm - strange. I have not seen this message once. Not that I doubt it's happening but I would imagine that I'd have come across it once or twice. I'll make sure that the programmers get to this ASAP.
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i've been getting it a ton the last 2 or 3 days
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^same... but like for a week now
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Originally Posted by jskidder View Post
i've been getting it a ton the last 2 or 3 days
Exactly the same here. Only the past 3 days and it's been awful. I'm surprised that a number of people haven't seen it yet though.
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I been having all the time and once I got in it send me out again and send me the busy forum message...
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For the record I get the "server busy" message a ton as well
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Just hangout in livechat. No 'server to busy' stuff in there.
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Fix it please
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all day long today:
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Originally Posted by ri0tp00f View Post
all day long today:
Me too. Can it be the servers? It was happening to me at 11am on Sunday, and that can't be a highly trafficked time.
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The board is currently unusable

Please fix the technical issues or credit the $10 membership fee to the PayPal accounts of members.

yeah, I'm a bit pissed cuz I've NEVER paid to join a board before.....ever.
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yeah, someone should really fix it.
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