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Originally Posted by **qt*pie** View Post
[*]Your signature contains too many lines and must be shortened. You may only have up to 1 line(s).[/list]I get this error even when I just add one word and it doesn't make any sense.
Also everytime when I change the font - even when I change it to size 1 - it says:
  1. The font size you are using is too large. You are limited to using a maximum font size of 14 in your signature.

Originally Posted by **qt*pie** View Post
almost a month and still no reply ...
Goodness! This has been going on for that long??? I thought it was a recent problem. How can size 2 be smaller than size 1? I couldn't understand it and I thought I've become stupid or something
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This suggestion pertains to HM... when selling a used item, there should be a rating scale of 1 to 10 for the condition of the item.. 1 being very used and 10 be like brand new. Pictures usually don't do justice on what the item really looks like in real life. Of course, the seller is responsible for giving an honest rating so there are no surprises!

Whenever I'm interested in a used item I usually pm the seller asking about the rating of the used condition. It just makes my life easier knowing how used something I'll be wearing would be!
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People really really should be stating the condition "used, new, hemmed, worn x times etc."

Your idea is nice though.
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yea. we are changing some code. we will try to fix that pesky firefox problem as soon as possible.

thanks for your patience!
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steve...i am pretty sure that quick reply works fine in the posts...but for lots of people it doesn't work in pm's.

maybe we should take it out...if we can't get it workin for everybody.
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Half of the time I get only white space and no text when reading posts. I'm on a Mac Powerbook G4 with Safari.

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what happened to the 5 minute window to edit a post??? i've been noticing some strangely missing posts in threads lately! if we were to ever need a proof for a legal or financial issue, parties could easily delete their posts, even if they are months old!
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I have the funkiest coding error, ever!

1. What error do you get if any? My posts are not posted in chronological time order.
2. What was the last thing you did before the error? I changed my forum time to -6:00 GMT
3. What browser and version do you run? AM Browser 2.0.0 RC2

So basically, since I changed my forum time to match my GMT time in Toronto, a few of my posts are posted 6 hours prior to when I've actually posted. The result is that my post falls way behind in discussions, but this has happened in some threads and not others. It's a really odd code overlook!


For example, in this thread my post was supposed to follow CUTUP where s/he says:

Originally Posted by CUTUP
Thats the most disturbing part. An innocent person never runs...
However, my post is listed several responses prior to that one. See thread here:


I suppose I'll change my GMT settings back to 0:00 GMT, but I want to see my Toronto time. =/
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i hate code.

we have four programmers workin on this stuff. but these little bugs always pop up.

"go to the most recent post" doesn't work right now. sorry. but we are trying to fix the whitespaces and firefox stuff first.

quick reply in pm's has never really worked well. we might just take that out.

wishlist is busted. need to fix that sometime.

as always...thanks for your patience.
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chat is still not working DAVE
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well keep working on it anuish...i am sure you'll get that code all straightened up soon
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I changed my time setting back to 0:00 GMT and my posts are still not showing up in chronological order.
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The "Go to first new post" is REALLY helpful, when it works.
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Originally Posted by honestdave View Post
well keep working on it anuish...i am sure you'll get that code all straightened up soon
Yep...all done. Took awhile but....got it done
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Since we have an assload of threads, I thought it would be helpful if there would be an alternating color background highlight for every other thread. Alternating colors like white and grey or white and a faint blue would make it easier to read titles.
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To fix the titles from bunching up, try increasing the line-height for the td tags.
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I was thinking about how (at least in the R&R forum) there's been drama in the past over posting links to auctions and driving up prices. On one hand, you want to help your friends find the jeans they want, but on the other hand, if you post the information in a thread then lurkers find it too. Even if you don't post the link, if you mention that jeans in a certain cut, wash, and size are ending in under an hour, most people can figure out which auction it is.

Some people suggested having a sticky thread where you can post your wishlist. But this is difficult to search and unwieldy and becomes rapidly out of date. Especially since we can't edit posts after the time limit runs out. And it's a pain trying to search through a thread that's many many pages long.

So... I was thinking... is there any way to implement a search function that searches signatures only? That way, everyone can update their signature every time they want to add or remove an item from their wishlist. And you can run a text search for a specific cut/wash/size to see if anyone you know is looking for the jeans that you've found. And the search results should be accurate and recent.
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My wishlist feature is not working. Do I need to sign up as Pro Member to have this feature?
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No, the wishlist hasn't been working for everyone for a while now.
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Can there be bigger spaces put back between the thread titles? It almost hurts my eyes to have to squint and read them all...they're so crammed together! It's especially aggravating in the mall- I feel like I'm always passing over the threads I'm looking for because of the congestion.
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yeh bigger space again i feel like a 80 old one who does not see
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Love the spacing,
but can the font be 1pt bigger? I have difficulty reading it..
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I think people who are registered HF members who want to become Pro Members should be able to at a discount. Just a suggestion.
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New posters' posts are going on top of the thread starters original post for some reason...?
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i Can't send pms
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