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Ah man you're so cute!!! I love your booty shots!!! I'm always more of a fan of the sig pockets--the dmn crops and the havana wash (one of my personal favs)!!! I mean the A pockets look nice as well if you love them! I'm kind of think the same way as Twyla w/ A pockets though, but that's just on my body . They look great on yours!
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They both look great, Tiff... congrats on sizing down, too! I know you've been working on that! WOO HOO!
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I like the Hav's the best on you! I wouldn't worry about how you lose weight- I am sure it will even out- everyone is different in the places where they start and finish losing weight. (ie, you lose weight first in your legs, and may lose it last in the belly)
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WOW!!! you can totally pull off the gcw's. i love them!! i love the fiji studded a's too -- soo pretty!
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Yes they are more comfy I need to get them hemmed that was the only day I wore them lol and I still have green a I love them
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i love them all!!
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Originally Posted by igawtscammed
i love them all!!
As do I! You look great in them! And congrats on the weight loss... good for you!
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Tiff ~ all of them look awesome on you! I love the way the Fijis and Havanas fit you ~ super flattering
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Originally Posted by twyla
Havanas look best imo, then the DMN. i would ditch the A's. that's just me though, i hate most A's on me as well. i did really like the green As you posted ages ago, they are keepers (if you still have them).
See I like the A's best on you! That's funny. We all have different opinions.
But they all do look great on you Tiff- I just love the fiji's!
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geez, they all look awesome. I wish I could look that good in jeans..
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I agree with twyla. . hav's are Beautiful. . dmn's are cute. . A's. . . meh. . I just don't think they flatter your body. And to me. .that's a shame, because you have a very nice shape!
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please excuse my candidness, but Tiff I think you have the PERFECT butt for sevens! I think they all look totally awesome on you, and actually all three are pairs that I have been fiending for, but can't afford right now. way to go!!
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Looking great as always. I really love the havanas on you! They seem to fit you perfectly, and I love the wash.
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good stuff tiff, those fiji look awesome!
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I agree with Steph and Stacy. I love the GCW best, then the crops, then the fijis. All look good, but the havanas look best to me
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love them all
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cute jeans, hey tiff, whats the insaam on those patch crops?
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nvm, i saw in the other thread that its 28". too short!

ot-how come we can edit our posts anymore? :\
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I love, love, love the havanas on you. The As are okay as well, but I don't like the DMNs.
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I think the Havanas are the most flattering on you! They give you a fabulous butt!
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You look so cute in all the jeans!
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I agree, I LOVE the HAV's on you. They are my favorite jeans as well. I just find they are sooo flattering. I mean, they all look fabulous on you, but you really rock the HAV's!
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I love the GWC on you! The others look good as well but these ones are my favorites.
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Tiffany, you always look so cute in your pics! I especially love the Havanas and the crops on you!!
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They all look so good on you especially the GCW and Fiji's. The GCW are very booty flattering. Congrats on your weight loss, even though you did not need to lose any weight.
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