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has J & CO jeans been faked??

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i may have asked this in the past, but can't do a search to find out.
Does anyone know?
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I haven't run across any fakes yet. I go to the showroom on June 30 and will ask if they have had problem with counterfeits yet. If they have not yet been faked, then I suspect the time will come. As you may know, these jeans were profiled on Oprah lately and Oprah has a way of making things super popular. J & Co sells their samples in L.A. every month, but they do not give receipts, so you could get real ones even if there are no receipts to show for the purchase. The only recommendation I can give is that you REQUIRE a moneyback guarantee on authenticity. GOOD LUCK.
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/\In addition, all of my J & co jeans have either Born In California prominently displayed on the back waist with wings or just the wings. Also, the interior rivets have some type of J & Co. insignia, either J & Co or a squiggly line that is duplicated on the hang tag. Also, the name of the jean is painted inside of the jean, ie Beverly, Ocean Glamour, Robertson, et al. The name should be on the waist or on the flap of fabric behind the zipper. Hope that helps.
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that's so much. i guess i better ask for some more pics. I found the exact pair i want
oh, and i haven't seen Oprah in a while, i did not know she promoted them. I saw them at a boutique and tried them on, before that, never heard of them
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I haven't figured out how to post pics on here yet, I know imageshack. I have some pics of authentic J & Co. that I get from either the showroom or directly from their factory. You can view them at http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/hrhjan...r=5f27&.src=ph. Hope that helps and hope you only get REAL ones.
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