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Wrangler Premium

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Does anyone know of an online store that sells the new Designer Wrangler jeans? I think Urban Outfitters has one pair, but is there anywhere else that carries them?
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Bump! I want to check these cowboy jeans out.
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There's some premium Wranglers at Aero Leather Clothing.
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How about Built By Wendy? They were the first to carry their premium line, if my memory serves me right. There are a few on sale right now, btw.

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Check out Wrangler Europe. They have a line called Blue Bell which sells only to higher end retailers. It's basically all made in the US and modernizes the Wrangler heritage.

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Wrangler Western also has a line of designer jeans.  They are really nice, one of my favorite brands. Great fit, soft denim and nice pocket designs. I love that the back rise comes up an inch higher so no plumbers' crack. They are called Rock 47.  Our store sells them here: http://www.headwestoutfitters.com/womens-wrangler-jeans.aspx.  They tend to run a size big.  I wear a 28 in Miss Me, a 7 in most other jeans and a 5 in Rock 47. They also came out with a jean called "Booty Up" for women with specially cut denim and darts to "lift and define" the derriere.  They are a love 'em or hate 'em jean though - on some women they look like pajama jeans :)

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Nice one thanks for sharing.

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thank for the source providing :)

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