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The 28s I just sold had a 15.75" waist. Granted, once washed it may shrink. I think a 29 would average a 16.5".... it seems that waist sizes may slightly vary by batch.....

It amazes me that the damaged 30s went for nearly retail!
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seller on ebay said the following: Size 29 measurements laying flat waist 17 hips 20 inseam 14 1/2 rise 8

i think i might get them!!
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i just told my bf that i wanted these shorts and he looked at me like i was crazy and then got mad...

should i still get them??? or is it too much?!!?
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i wanna get them too but I feel bad paying over $100 for a pair of shorts...but I do live in Florida!
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i know!! it's like a 100 degrees here in la... i think i *deserve* these...
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guys, i tried on a pair of stretch dojo'd in 29 and my butt wouldn't fit.
now i'm super puzzled on the size...do the rigid run bigger?
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yes, they run big imo. i got the 30 and they were too big. but i don't think my big butt would have fun in a 29. so i'm going to have them taken in a little in the waist.
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can you measure the waist for me before you take them to the tailor?
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the waist was 17 flat
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actually 17 1/2
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Originally Posted by sicapooh
actually 17 1/2
that's with front and back aligned in the front right?

i just need to try on a pair.. anyone know where they sell this in a store?
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i'm so sad! i had a max snipe on ebay last night for 110 but the auction went all the way up to 160 and now intermix is out of a 24 >.
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i thought you arleady ordered ally?
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even after having them altered i still think i'm going to sell my 30's! they're too big!
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I was about to click 'submit order' but saw a no reserve auction on ebay so i thought i'd try to save a few bucks. I was surprised to see it shoot all the way to 160 at the end! now i have to wait for another deal on these .
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^^^ so sorry! I really love these, but they're too big!
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Originally Posted by sicapooh
^^^ so sorry! I really love these, but they're too big!

what size do you usually wear?? are you goign to size down 1 size?
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Not all run big my batch runs small
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well, i ordered another, in a 29. my normal size was 30, but i was swimming in them. **cross my fingers** i hope these fit!
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