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OMG thoooossse things! I hate them sooooo much. I see alot of girls wearing them now, and I actually get pissed off whem I see them.
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Originally Posted by ccmac
I agree with everyone, they are so ugly!!! But... have you seen any on toddlers? SO CUTE!! Really! I have several neighbors and their kids wear them... they are adorable on little feet...
So true!! I got my little guy a pair (he's 5, size tiny 10 feet)) and they are the cutest things on him. People actually stop me in the street to comment how cute they are. They are pefect because he can just slip them on himself and can get them as muddy and dirty as he wants! I should take a pic. But I would never wear them, unless it was out of necessity.
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Those things are freaking hideous to wear (unless you are a DR/Nurse). I can't believe they even make those for kids!!!! I was in a sketchers outlet (for my sister/niece/nephew), and they had pink ones for little girls. I told my sister if she ever got them for my niece I wouldn't babysit for her anymore. But I guess they could be cute on little kids. I have an image in my head, possibly cute, but I'd have to really see it to believe it.
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These are everywhere here too.
Not cute on adults but I agree they're cute on kids. BUT when every child you see is wearing them the effect wears off quickly
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HATE them w/ a passion. Uggs are better looking, and that is not saying much.
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Definitly ugly on adults and teens, very cute on tiny feet.
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IMO, i think uggs are uglier. i just bought a pearl white of
crocs pair so i can go to the waterpark with them but thats it.
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So many choices - decision decision
comfy or ugly
ugly or comfy
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ehhh, crocs are okay.

i don't know what everyone's talking about...i liked uggs....
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haha.. i first saw them on that show molta mario? they sell them everywhere now.
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wow i didnt know crocs were sooo popular! the bf thinks that they will be the next uggs (where everyone & their mothers want them and are willing to pay 2x the amt for them on ebay) but i doubt it.
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yes, they're ugly. but i'm a waitress and wear them at work. also i'm in school to be a nurse and i'm sure i'll wear them when i become a nurse.
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I was wondering what crocs were too, but I figured it out . I don't like them one bit at all too, my boyfriend thinks they're pretty cool, but he wouldn't wear them. I've seen them a lot this summer. When I was in Newport Beach last weekend, I saw every other person wearing them. They don't look nice to me at all, even if they're really comfortable. I walked by a stand at Fashion Island and saw a cart full of them for about $50 and up. I would never ever pay that much for them.
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^^ wow are they marking up crocs?? they are 36 bucks on zappos!
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Originally Posted by ally24k
^^ wow are they marking up crocs?? they are 36 bucks on zappos!
Not sure, but it was Newport Beach and at Fashion Island they have cart stands owned by individual people, so they can mark those up as much as they want and people will still buy them since everyone is rich there. They also had a cart stand that sells like those indian sandals (the colorful ones that look nice) for real expensive too, like $50-60 for something that isn't even made with quality material. I think people will pay any price if they really want it.
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Amen to people who agree that Uggs are ugly!
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I've only seen nurses wear them.
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they are hideous - I only have a pair because they're super comfy and I can disinfect them (they're my 'clean' footwear in my 'specific pathogen-free' mouse room - for research). And for the record, uggs are worse (from a Canadian point of view) - ugly and impractical.
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^For me uggs aren't impractical. Yeah they don't look the best but I live in MN and when you are trying to walk through a foot of snow in your driveway to get to your car they are very nice. They have been soaking wet on the outside and you don't feel a thing. It's also like wearing slippers to school all day.
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OMG--you mean people are wearing these as fashion?!?!?!? WTF, they are functional shoes not shoes to wear with an outfit! Maybe the thong style ones to wear at the pool/beach/waterpark.

I must be secluded cuz I've only seen them at my work. I think little itty bitty kiddles could wear these, but they are freaking gardening/hospital shoes for goodness sakes.
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I hate crocs so much. They're so ugly....comfy shoes that don't make you look stupid do exist.

I'm not a big fan of Uggs either.
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Uggs look like they sound....

Sorry to all ugg wearers who lovem!
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Originally Posted by abster800
They have grown on me although I don't own a pair. I still think they are really ugly but I might get a pair for going around the house or when I nanny they are always playing with water. The kids I nanny for have them and I do have to say that they actually do look cute when they are on a 3 year old.
^^ yes the place where I work sells mini crocs for kids and I have to admit that they are quite cute. I agree with the majority, they're ugly and quite the eyesore, but they do have their beneficial qualities. They are comfy, they have a built-in arch support and beads on the surface to massage and help blood flow in the feet. And like aquablueness said, they may just catch on just like UGGS.
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I definately agree, Crocs are insanely Fugly... however, they are just about the most ridiculously comfortable shoes I may have ever worn. I wear them when I'm in the garden and watering my flowers... Love them. Not a fashion statement for sure though! I am trying to convince my hub to get a pair (just for bummin' around in) and he think's I'm insane. But honestly, I can pound across the floor in them and make NO thuds, they absorb all the shock. So I'd recommend if you're on your feet alot!
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I don't hate Crocs but I do think they're ugly. The only time they've looked cute was on my boss' son, who's 4 and of course has little feet.
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