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u know what they call these FAKES, First Copy from ChINA . :D

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u know what they call these FAKES, First Copy from ChINA . :D

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Anyone know if ebay seller nidabusra  is legit? They have hundreds of jeans, some seem trashed, unless they heve a terrible camera, but they also sell new diesels.

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Their Legit, sellers from Thailand though so expensive shipping im guessing, their all used and not in the best condition and all seem to be around the same sizes maybe he had a huge collection or something.

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 Good to know, thanks, actually , their shipping was only  about $9.95 to the u.s..I didn't get any feedback soon enough, so I already bought from him-Zathan 713, this pair looks really great condition,only took 5 days shipping.

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ok guys i found a diesel leather jacket but im not sure if its authentic or if its a very good copy. please help! 700











what do you guys think? theres the microstitch but it cant be seen that well 

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the weather is good today

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Please help me to identify thanaz 660Q jean's authentic i just purchased:




Millions thanks

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it's authentic!



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you mean my thanaz 660Q ?

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yes. why do you not accept they're real. if you ask for advice and dont get the answer you like why are you even asking?

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think about buying this Safado 8AR:




I wonder, if it's fake...the patches look somehow weird. What do you guys think?


Thanks in advance!




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authentic, but leg opening seems to be altered, they look like tapered, IMO. Or it's bad picture angle.
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Hi, I purchased these jeans of ebay and I believe they are fake. The stitching inside is of poor quality and for some reason there are two tags which contradict each other. One saying fake leather and the other saying real leather. I haven't purchased real diesel jeans before so I am unsure, thanks.




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from what I can see it's authentic pair (tags, stitching, buttons, rivets...).

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@ dmal .. also looks authentic to me, those contradicting leather tags are on some of my genuine Diesels also.


The easiest test is the micro stitching on the Indian Head "made in Italy" tag. Fakers put a tinsel stitch there sometimes. But the real deal has DIESEL  DIESEL DIESEL right across it viewing the micro stitch with a magnifying glass twisting it in the light to get the angle. It very hard to see, but once you know "Diesel" you dont need to see this in this detail.


Photos of fake and real:





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I found a Diesel shirt. Real or fake?



Please help and thanks in advance!

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I have bought these pair of diesel from eBay, could you please help me identify it if it is real or not: http://www.ebay.com/itm/360511353159?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649


(I hope this is the right place to post!)

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