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Look at it again. Just edited it, I was used to forums that use the img tag, but I figured out that you just edit the html in this one. 

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they are real IMO. It looks like the size label was restitched on. doesnt matter though

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Thanks, you are pretty fast, and yeah I don't really care if the size label was restitched on, but I see it now that you pointed it out. 

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real or not? It looks fake, but I want professionals opinion :) THANKS






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yes those are very fake

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thanks mate ;)

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These are on UK eBay : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160803946948?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Its says new Thanaz but the photos show a button fly and some studs which are not a regular feature of the Thanaz I know. Thanaz are zip fly and its only Timmen which have studs. The guy says his mother got them overseas so could be dodgy Thai fakes. Opinions please thank you?
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Seems they should be / want to look like Slammer, but they are fake.

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i have never bought any jeans off of ebay before, but am finding it necessary lately as the washes i missed out on only seem to be available there.  i know these pics are not pics of the actual pair i'll be getting but can anyone confirm if this seller is legit?  or tips to look out for when buying denim off ebay?



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real. dieselofmiami is legit seller as well

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Does anyone know if this shirt is real? 


Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket

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Hi! I just bought these 2010 LARKEE 8M2 off Ebay. Can you tell me if they are real or fake?





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That pair is real R35GTR.

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Hi all,


I got the infamous 2003 zathan 71j but have a sneaking suspicion that they aren't real can you please confirm:




Label 2






IMG_0287.JPGFaint yellow stain..What is that?


Also there are these faint yellow stains, what is that?



So in conclusion, the tag looks weird, there these faint yellow stains on the jeans, I got them off of ebay from a guy with over 1000 feedback at 100%




Should I return them?

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yes they are real but not 71J. They are 772

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Originally Posted by jeanetic View Post

yes they are real but not 71J. They are 772

yup. it says what you ordered on the listing dude. personally i think 772 is a better wash then 71j.  not sure how noticable the yellow stains are when you wear them, but they're not a part of the wash.

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Hey guys,


Thanks for your input on those 772 jeans above,


I took a few more pics of the jeans and the guy said he'll give me a discount of 10 pounds so these jeans cost me $65. Do you guys think I should keep them?


You need to be about 1ft away to see them so its really a tough call.


The fit is very good, but not superb, I mean if I return them not sure I'd be reimbursed the original shipping.


Any of your thoughts are greatly appreciated.



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You got a confirmation of authenticity but can you post a pic of the indian head tag. Thanks

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Just received these Thanaz 880f from this seller but can't tell if the jeans are authentic (newbie here do can't post pics yet). They look real and by looking at his ratings, he seems legit. Has anyone purchased from him before?

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