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They Told you the truth...Its fake.

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they are terrible

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Yeah, those are super fake.  Honestly, those just look absolutely terrible.

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are thesereal? no tag pics



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this isn't a authenticity check or anything but I have one question for the experts.

(sorry, I didn't want to start a new thread just to ask one question)


I found a pair of Diesel Zanity 73N that's made in italy but it didn't have the white, red, green stitching.

so is deisel inconsistant when putting these stitching or are there certain models they don't put it on?

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There are some MII Diesel's that don't have the stitching, my thanaz 8b9 are made in Italy and don't have the red green and white stitching and I bought them from the diesel store. Do you have pics? I'd like to check them out to make sure but the answer to your question is yes, diesel does have some washes where some labs were made in Italy and did not get the flag stitching.
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Zoner... The first one needs tag pics to be verified just as you were told on the other forum.

Jason is right. There are plenty of MII washes that don't have the stitching. Most 88z does not and my 772's from '03 don't have it. Also, my zatiny 73n were made in Tunisia. Please post pics for authentic check.
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So does one post a new pair of Diesel jeans for authentication here or does one start a new thread? I posted this another place eariler as a new post but I probably should have posted here??? dumbass noobie I am!!!



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authentic, re-released wash...

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yes, pics please... we need shots of jeans, details of buttons etc.

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Sorry for the double post!!!

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Are these Yarik? Are they authentic? Which wash is it?

There's no info in the jeans...icon_sad.gif





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Hi there - I have got a Yarik and would like to know which wash it has.

Could you help out? icon_biggrin.gif

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Here are the pics:






What do you think? Which wash is it? Inside the jeans there's no info on that, but it surely has the holographic microstitching.

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Why would the made in Tunisia make you think they are fake? The W 26 and no length are because it is a trouser pant and the inseam is set. Anyways they are real. 

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Thank you!

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no problem.

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Hi. I know cultizm.com was said to be a legit site, but I wanted to double check the authenticity of the jeans I'm thinking of purchasing. Thanks in advance!



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Doing an authentic check on a stock photo will not do you any good usually. Yes they are a legit site but even if they werent they still could have legit stock photos. So, yes that is an authentic pair of Thanaz 880f but no, that is not the pair you will be getting. You know what I mean? They will be cheaper at newyorkspeed.com with the code ROSS123 for an extra discount.

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