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Can some one please verify if these are authentic? Thanks http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190456382592

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Yeah, authentic.

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Thanks FcBarcelona, I'm glad to hear it since I won the auction.  I thought the tag looked legit but I just wanted it verified since I'm far from an expert.

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Could anyone tell me if these are real or fake? I have 2 pairs (One I bought long time ago from JJDenim.com, which was too small, and just recently I bought a new pair from E-Bay in a bigger size, but there are some things making me doubt...)





On the left = Ebay bought

On the right = JJDenim

Notice the slightly difference in color? Left one being a little bit red-ish with the light.









The one from JJDenim has a different material tag, I'll post pictures.



The one from JJDenim does NOT have this tag or the one in the following picture either.











Here's the tag of the JJDenim one (Different material).



Thank you all!

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While browsing through Austrian ebay, I've found this auction with Thanaz 8B9 for sale.




what made me quite suspicious about this one is the sizing label inside:




Shouldn't "THANAZ" be above "WASH 008B9"?

Plus, the "SLIM-SKINNY" seems very strange to me...


Are these fake or authentic? o.0

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Your jeans are both authentic (the inner tags could be different - year / lab / etc.).


Regarding the 8B9 wash, white waist tag with name and wash looks totally new, maybe new released washes have this kind of tag. Maybe some other people here could confirm it???

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The Thanaz 8B9 are authentic , I work at the 5th ave planet.  This is a pair from the 2011 preview collection, they're starting to make the tags look like this. They leave room next to the wash for Stretch if the jeans have it.  

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An ebay user seller sent me this image when I asked for a closer pic of the microstitching; has anyone seen white Diesel letters in the microstitching that pop like this?  Almost looks photoshopped.



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Hi, has anyone here ever bought Diesel's from italiandenim on Ebay?  italiandenim is listed as a top rated seller with a 99.8% rating, so I'm guessing their jeans are authentic?  I'm thinking of buying these Zathan's  ( http://cgi.ebay.com/DIESEL-ZATHAN-8ZT-JEANS-MEN-BOOTCUT-31W-31X30-31-30-31-/400167969164?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item5d2bdea18c ) but all the photos are generic.  Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

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okay, nvm, I just used the search function and got my answer, I'm such an idiot

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icon_razz.gif yep, sometimes is easier to Search and don't waste time to ask same question what was answered billion times already.

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Hello !!!    fing22.gif


I just want to know if these jeans are fake or not .




























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Hello !!! fing22.gif


I just want to know if these jeans are fake or not ! Please help me ...


They are my first diesel jeans - and everyone told me that when you are weraing diesel jeans you feel the difference but they feel like jeans from H&M... I have g-star and tommy hilfiger jeans and they feel really good... That's because i'm really not sure about it !


Here are the pictures :





































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thank you !

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Hello !


Me again . How about this ones ? Are they an imitation ?




























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Authentic and worn.

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thx again !!

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Hey wanted to know if these were legit and if the ebay seller is legit? Thanks


also i bought these yesterday (might return and grab from ebay since there cheaper) and on the tag it has a different model number --> 00azn-00819

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thanks appreciate it

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I bought these jeans on ebay (not my smartest move) because I was dying for a new pair of Diesels and just don't have the money to buy them in the store.  Not really sure now that I have received them if they are authentic or not, so I have turned to you all for some help.  The listing did not say a model/style, but were listed as a bootcut, which they are.  They were also listed as a worn once, 31.5 inch inseam - which I figured the woman washed them and put them in the dryer which could account for a 0.5 inch difference between the listing and the tag which says L32.  Also, the jeans do not have the size and style label on the inside of the back waistband, nor does it have the red white and green stitching along the side of where the label should be there(as you will see in the pictures) and the tag seems to say the jeans are from 2003 if I am reading it correctly.  I'm super concerned, and wanted to verify that what I am thinking is correct before I sent the woman a message accusing her of selling me fakes.  Please help!top front.jpg

top inside.jpg

top back.jpg




tag2 front.jpg

tag2 back.jpg

tag3 front.jpg

tag3 back.jpg


Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!

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These are an older pair which is why there is no tag on the inner waistband and why there is no italian flag stitched colors on the outer rear waistband.  Inseam length is rarely the exact size on the tagged inseam -- It's usually anywhere between 0.5 - 1.5 inches longer if anything.


They are authentic

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Thanks for your help!

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Hi, anyone could help me ID these pls? Thanks!!





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