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^Evil ,

thanks!! i stop buying and go to hospital w/t tiger..

it will take long time IMO.... but i'll try to do my best.
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Originally Posted by Darnoc View Post
The first might be real, but does not have the characteristic distressing that the 8II wash usually has
Even the denim looks completely different guys! Nothing like 8II...
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Originally Posted by FcBarcelona View Post
I really want to buy those Darron 8e7.
I saw that he sells every day some Darron 8e7.
What do you guys think shell I buy one?
been watching this seller for the last week. He's been advertising loads of new stuff. Read the negative feedback now though. The only guy who has left him positive feedback is selling loads of krooley 8yms at a low price as well. Looks like they're in it together!
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poiak 8sv

What about this poiak ?

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^ MS is real, Poiak is real.
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slammers 73H

NEW DIESEL Slammer 73H 32 x 32 BNWT $330 S/S 2008 - eBay (item 200446557822 end time Apr-03-10 17:23:51 PDT)

what do you think about these slammers?
They should be ok? what do you think about the price?
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^ hi, they are real and price is normal for 73H.
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thanks, i think i should pick them up because i already felt in love with the slammer 71J! Slammer is imo the best cut from diesel... what a shame they've stopped produce them!
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Hi, could someone pls ID. check them for me? Thanks!

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I am not a pro on womens cuts/washes, but those look legit to me.
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Both pairs are OK, but take the safado! Better cut for you.
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actually , i saw your pic on WDYWT, then i want this cut(safado-8IW).
your advice is gooooooooooooood for me..

see u on facebook.
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again fake thanaz 73j on ebay.
NEW DIESEL Thanaz 73J 30W x 32L BNWT S/S 2008 RARE - eBay (item 190380802924 end time Mar-19-10 17:26:46 PDT)

dont know where they r from and i cant understand why people bid on a fake jean...i mean its obvious that it a fucking cheap fake!!!!

can i flag it to diesel or ebay?!
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I reported the auction, it will be at least, one fake jeans less on ebay.
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^ ebay doesn't give a fuck about fakes. they just look for the sale fee. I've reported a lot of items once a time ago. no action from ebay.
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That seller has some fake Trouleg 8EU also. Horrible.
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is there a way to tell the buyer that those jeans are fake.....i mean if ebay doesent care.
i mean evryone should see if u watch the oictures that those are fakes.
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^I sent him a mail telling him those were fake, this is the answer I got :

"if you want it you bid it if not just ignore it and its fake but if you buy it and see it you are going to se
that its the best quality ever is awsome"

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so nice people we have around the world...

you can tell this is total crap from a mile away, best quality ever my ass
and the cut is NOWHERE near the original
pathetic attempt to sell this shit anyway

tempted to write him down a message to heavily insult him
but I'm too polite to do that haha
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nice idea!!(+1)

basically, we are so sad cos we have to make this thread.
these fake products are made in C...a IMO.

but, C...a try to do his best not to find out fake like as NorthK make SuperK($).
and then, finally that will be not fake but real.

then , this thread will be closed..
at the same time, JP is not rising sun... OMG. MIJ=>MIX

sorry for discussing economic issue...
i'm not pro of economic cos i'm engineer.
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Levan 732

Hi all mates.
Please teach me this one.
mens 100% GENUINE Diesel LEVAN jeans 30W 32L (Rare) on eBay (end time 22-Mar-10 19:24:52 GMT)
genuine or fake?
I have found out about it Levan 732 the first.
Is it cheep model line? celeb line?
There is not a white label on the waist.

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It's authentic Levan 732, already discontinued cut. White inner tag/label on the waist is not missing, Levan is just old cut where this tag wasn't at all yet. (don't know, when Diesel started with this white tag).

All datas, cut, wash, size, lab etc. are stated on the inner smaller tags. I don't know what do you mean with cheap or celeb line.
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