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Originally Posted by tricky View Post

Thanaz 8CM is made in Morocco, so there is no Made in Italy writing below the Mohawk.

Back pockets are ok.
Hmm ok but what about the microstitching, its like almost not there... all my other pairs are very apparent in the microstitching. I don't wear glasses, my eye sight has always been pretty good. I've never had to really try to see the 'diesel' in the microstitching but frankly I don't think I can see anything in this one lol...

I don't know if its because its older or because its made in morocco so its different but I can't say that I see anything there?
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^ Microstitching is not all. It's a good indicator, but sometimes it separates from the Mohawk tag.

I own a pair of Thanaz 8CM and I've compared the details on my pair to the ones I've seen in your pics....authentic.
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Ohh ok thank you!
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Originally Posted by JOoa0ky View Post
Are these 8cms real...? I can't really see the microstitching and there is no MADE IN ___ under the size. sigh;;
why would i sell you fake jeans... here. i'd have to be the most stupid fake diesel seller ever.
i take that as an insult.
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the real question is why the fuck did you buy them all on the 1st place?
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Fake or Real one ?
Backpockets looks inauthentic, any opinions?

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^ I think it's fake. What model should it be?
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^^Fake mofo..
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How about this Matic AA8!!? For a Guy!!??

DIESEL JEANS MOD MATIC 8AA!!COLLEZIONE P/E 2009! sz 27 su eBay.it Jeans, Donna Abbigliamento, Abbigliamento e accessori
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Originally Posted by meq661 View Post
I've seen this on fake Slammer 8BI...
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I'm new to this forum. Do the jeans listed here seem legit? http://www.honestforum.com/mens-26-2...condition.html I noticed they've been listed for quite a while with many views. Just wondering if anyone would shed any light.
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andy: if it is in the honest mall
99, 99999999999% it is legit
be confident dude

p.s. welcome aboard
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real the cut's spot on and the leather detailing is as would be excpected
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are original? Diesel Denim Gallery

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really exist that model?
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^ that's a DDG (Diesel Denim Gallery) model. I don't know the wash and can't say if it's real or not because I don't own any DDGs. DDG is very rare.

Only guessing. The details on the uppest button on the front looks legit. The leather tag with the sewing machine is typical for the DDG models.

I don't really see a sign that the jeans in your pics are fake. But let's wait for others to look into it.
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ok, guys. i'm new to this site. just want to check this: Marktplaats - De plek om Nieuwe en Tweedehands spullen te kopen en verkopen

real or fake?

thanks in advance!
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welcome on HF

imo, if it's not fake
it comes directly from the 1988 collection...
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Another newbie question re: Fakes

Okay, I didn't know about this place until I just purchased a pair of Diesel Zathans. Seeing the tag, I suspect these jeans are fakes. Anyone know? You all have me worried.

DIESEL STRAIGHT VIKER 0070N AUTHENTIC MEN JEANS SIZE 31 - eBay (item 120384480307 end time Jun-26-09 15:47:37 PDT)
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^ from the first look I thought that those are real Vikers.

But in comparison with the pics on this site:

Jeans DIESEL VIKER 70N - DIESEL Jeans Homme - Boutique marque Taatoo

the inner waistband denim strip is different:

Perhaps this is just a difference that comes from different Labs.

beside this detail the pair you posted looks complete legit (backpockets, inner tags, color of the inside pockets). The sizing info on the inside tags has been photoshopped.
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Seems like two different jeans. Makes me doubt authenticity.

Normally, there is the size on this tag. I would stay away, or at least ask for additional pics, especially a clear shot of the microstitching.
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Thanks. As far as the tags go, I know they've been photoshopped. The seller has different sizes of the same jeans and thus removed the size in the tags to avoid confusion. Having said that, if the photos are of real Diesels, I hope the shipped item is as well.
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I have a pair of authentic 70N that I bought from a sample sale that have similar characteristics to the ones that Von posted (3rd pic) with the exception that the pair I have is not missing the size on the inner tag. They also have a different leather patch.

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