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Just got a sleenker from poppri received today. Looks legit to me
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Yup I buy from them before poppri. Is legit but like member indicated sometimes it's sample stock but no defects.

Just bought pai of jogg jeans for my wife waiting for them to come in.
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Sorry if this gets post twice, I thought I posted this earlier but I don't see it on here.  I brought a pair of jeans from a major department store but they are different than the other pairs of diesels that I own.  Could someone look at these photos and let me know if you think they are authentic? 









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Been ordering a bunch of diesel jeans and apparel from Poppri store. The styles are typically from a couple years ago, so probably over stock?? Yes, some are samples jeans, they are pretty good about indicating so in the auction listing, but not always. Some times the swing tages look altered like a barcode sticker was removed and a new one reapplied. The jeans themselves on the inside belt line have a painted label "1LT000003, which is about the only notable difference. They are are pretty good deal expect shipping from Lithuania is expensive.

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Kobe, based on the pics you provided they are 100% authentic. And btw safado 0rz42 are pretty nice jeans.
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Thank you for your prompt response.  I appreciate your help.  I was unsure about these because the tag did not have a made in ____ sign engraved on the tag.  However, upon further inspection I noticed that the inside label stated that they were made in the USA of imported fabric, which came across as unusual to me.  However, I am not an expert on these jeans.  Thanks again!

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No problem mate. This particular pair don't have "made in.." on tag below Indian head. I've seen a few pairs of this safado wash and they are exactly the same as pics you uploaded - coin pocket logo is against black exactly like in your pics, seams are correct and everything else looks 100% authentic.
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Here's an ebay listing with the exact pair of Vikers that I found at the thrift store (everything looks the same except my pair are a 29 in the waist).  Are these legit or fake?  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Diesel-Viker-Regular-Straight-Jeans-Wash-0R933-Dark-Wash-Size-31-NWT-/321954495985?hash=item4af5fbbdf1:g:eNMAAOSwFGNWTnu9

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They are legit. This pair (0R933) is actually made in Tunisia.
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Can someone help authenticate a pair of Diesel Safado 71j? Everything seems legit except for the indian head tag.


EDIT: thanks zdenal.

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authentic. what's wrong with the inner tag?

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The micro stitching seems off. It's undetectable to my eyes. Thanks for the authentication zdenal. Everything else appears legit. Wanted to authenticate the pair first before having a tailor clean up the jeans and hemmed.
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Anyone could verify these below:


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75



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I would say its real, would be even better to check pictures where the jeans are visible whole, front + back. But on pics above are all details, stitvhing etc OK.
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I never seen hologram stitiching before. All my Diesels have hologram while seeing with some angle it appear multiply logo Diesel. In this Thavar is poorly made silver stitch. So Diesel now using another stitch? I'm confused now. FOr me it should look like this below stitich. Anyone else to give some opinion.

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Look on the waistband sticker it's located in different place and see some glue on the edges, also first is a bit of faded - DO YOU THINK THEY ARE STILL REAL DEAL COS I'M DOUBT OF IT?

But never seen that good fake one. WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS?


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75




CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 75

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Anyone to share with opinion about above? Thanks

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i own 833z and id say the pair on the photos is either a fake or a bad quality real one. the backpockets are weird, the inner tag is different and the rips on the right leg are placed lower on mine than on the one in the photos. 

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cut itself seems to be weird, something is fishy with this pair. don't buy it.

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Have you bought them on eBay? Maybe seller is a french guy? If so, check this thread starting from post #9324 where we started talking about a Thavar 608T some time ago




This thavar 833z is a good copy, I mean a good one cause they tryed to make the denim looks like the genuine one(same style, same wash, same details) But if you check some little things like you pointed out, you can notice big differences and see how cheap is it.

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Ok, thanks for your help. I bought it on German ebay. Will return the item cos I was suspicious about it. Now I know for sure. But seller is persitant and say they are genuie. First time I see that good. Thanks guys for your time.

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It is poor fake 1000000%
I have had 7 pairs of thavar blue eyecons 833Z.
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Originally Posted by bombchuchart View Post

It is poor fake 1000000%
I have had 7 pairs of thavar blue eyecons 833Z.


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