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There is currently a limit to the number of pictures you can post in a thread. This is a problem for listing things on Honestmall when you want to provide lots of pictures so that people know what they are getting.
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Yes PLEASE let us post more than 4 pics per post
it would be very helpful.
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agreed, even though I haven't come across this problem, but i'm sure i will
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One time I was selling some guys jeans, second time around from another forum member, and I was SERIOUSLY pestered by questions from someone who wasn't even interested in buying the jeans...wanted better pics, gave me a lesson in how I should be measuring etc I was starting to get annoyed but wanted to be nice but I felt like saying "why are you asking all these questions if you don't want the jeans"

That was just alittle rant....nothing to be done about it
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Originally Posted by theherman
Rhythmatic, you could have addressed this issue with me personally via PM, and are still free to do so, thanks.

did i list your name? no? So you can pat yourself on your back for outing yourself.
And you know what? I already gave u a lengthy pm about my feelings on your selling tactics. If you'd like me to repost it for everyone to see, its your call
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woa woa.

back to topic please.
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im starting to hate ebay. honestmall is so much easier to deal with. the people also actually respond here. honestmall is quite efficient in contrast with ebay
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i think we need to keep tabs on the HM. shady sellers should lose their ability to sell in the honestmall.
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I just learned from my experience. The paypal protection is not the same for buyers for anything outside of Ebay. I bought a pair of jeans with undisclosed damage. Took the seller a month to respond, then gave me attitude. If it was Ebay, I could have filed a "item not as descibed" claime. However since this was outside of Ebay, Paypal would only investigate if item was not received. Mind you the price was NOT cheaper than any Ebay deal.
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