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i just paid.

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do we have to?
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i paid!!! stop redirecting me. wait. it stopped. Whoa....awesome
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do we all have to pay 5
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I think payment system is only for new members
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I am not getting it now and I didnt pay
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so i paid $5 for nothing? I'm gonna kick someones butt. I'm vietnamese. We need that $5!!!
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it stopped for me and i didnt pay
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Sucks for you guys... at least you get lifetime membership

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Lol I think they were just programming it.I believe that is only for new members
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I thought everyone have to pay. Im an old member and I paid. So what going to happen now.
This is really suck. I feel like I was forced to pay when i keep getting redirected
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Oh well
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It would really be nice to have announcements for when maintenance is going to be performed, ESPECIALLY for this kind of thing, where some members are led to believe that they must pay when they needn't. I'm sure these things aren't scheduled days in advance, but just a conspicuous announcement a couple minutes before commencing the maintenance would seem to suffice.
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Pm dave
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stop paying.

we are trying to get this worked out.

i'll try to tell steve to turn off the forum for a bit.
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Can I have my $5 back then, I was going to buy something nice from ebay.
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Where are you seeing this request to pay?
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beer/bear is addicted to me.
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Hey guys don't kill me! This time I really have NOTHING to do with this!
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Settle down....I am sure it will get fixed
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Dave should have issued refunds, if you did not get one, please post and Dave will check on it.

Rehan, it is your fault, you weren't on AIM to tell me to turn forums off first. LOL
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refunds sent.

yea. we will turn the forum off next time.
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