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TR Billy Super T in Dark Lovestruck Sz 25

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TR Julie / Stella Big T in black lonestar size 27.
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on my wishlist is:

Billy or Joey Heritage Super T in 34/34
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I'm looking for a pair of Joey Disco Big T in medium drifter (white thread) in size 31x33. I just bought a pair in size 30 and they are pretty tight, would rather size up one. I could even do a trade if you have a pair and need a size 30.
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From the pictures you posted wearing them they look fine. I wouldn't size up.
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Ok, thanks!! I'll try to stop obsessing over it now.
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lol NP, they will stretch out a little.
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TR Jordan (if possible the gun smoke wash)
A TR in the side winder wash
A TR in Dark Hollow wash
I guess I need asize 27 - unless they run big, then a 26 my suffice.
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true relifion brianna skirt

in 28, 29, or even 30 if they run small.
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Dear all or lilcram

I need your kindly help.
i want this item, plz let me know keyword to find this in eBay if you can...

I'll wait responce...
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to search for those on ebay search "true religion leather flap"
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1. super t billy in big sugar medium wash - size 26

2. super t johnny or billy aqua blue stitching in laguna medium - size 26


thanks! icon_smile.gif

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I want Joey Super T twisted any color and good price. Without holes

size 36x32 or 36x33

its 50 sm. waist




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Joey Super T 36x32

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