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i thought a wishlist sticky for the TR forum would be a good idea. Don't forget to include the size, wash, style, and any important info (stretch, rigid, inseam length preference, price max, etc)

Post away here!
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Size: XL
Will Pay: Up To $150.00
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Wow - that IS a nice jacket!
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Geishas, Godivas and Kama Sutras in a 28 please !
I usually wear 27s but I was told these run small.
THANKS !!!!!!
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Joey Big T stretch in Dark Pony Express, size 31! I LOVE DPE, and need something in this wash.... Thanks!
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Big T: Dark Dusty Trail Size 32x33

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TR rigid Sammy Big T's in easy rider, medium clearwater, or urban cowboy. Size 24
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Rocky Mountain size 29 or 30 (mens)....


Anyone who is willing to sell PM me, just name a price...
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Originally Posted by LNHS2k7
Rocky Mountain size 29 or 30 (mens)....


Anyone who is willing to sell PM me, just name a price...
Me too! I won't even touch the ones they have on Ebay.
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Yeah, all the ones on ebay are fake as hell, not to mention how disgustingly ugly they are. I can't wait to get a pair of these, they're awesome...
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joey big T in clear water size 26
metallic gold in rinse size 26/27
green rainbows 26
sammy big Ts easy rider, clear water or super light size 26
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Looking for Men's Joey Japanese denim in medium Vintage and medium Miner in size 33. Any price as well, as long as it's not ridiculously high
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johnny big t. in a dark wash---with no distressing/holes. Must fit TTS 24 or a big tighter.
(for as cheap as possible, i dont mind teeny weeny damages) hehe

men's bobby big t 30, in lighter med blue washes, no distressing/holes etc.
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Wanted: Mens Cords

I just moved and I decided i really want a pair of cords, too bad the closest nordstroms is 5 hours away. I am looking for any type of TR cords size 32. Let me know what you got, thanks

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any mens tr with a leather flap, they were on the tr website bought i struck to late and now theyre all bought
size 38?

any price at this point
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<--------------------------- there it is ...

i would also like the new tara subkoff for easy spirit foldover boots from bop.

i don't want to pay a whole lot of money ..... best price = free!! hehe
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I am looking for joeys or billys SUPER-T in a size 32, thanks!
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I am wanting Johnnys and Billys in Super Light, without the distressing, in a size 32.
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RIGID BOBBYS in 27 or 28.

STRETCH SAMMYS in 28, or RIGIDS in 27 or 28.
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I am after a True Religion skirt in a sz 26 or 27.

Would prefer a joey saddleback, or a sammy in a medium wash.
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Micky Big-t size27 washes...medium minder, medium clear water, pretty much any light to mid wash. Willing to pay upto say $150. Most online stores wont ship outside of the US, and if they do, the jeans cost 250$ which is way out of my budget. Ebay never has my size Bluefly.com hasthem cheap but wont ship them to me (im in the UK atm), and getting a company like internationalcheckout to send them will cost a rediculous 60$. Anyone willing to buy on my behalf and send them out to me?
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Men's 'Joey' Rainbow Midnight Cowboy - Super Light Vintage - 36
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Women's 'Joey' Mellow Yellow - Bleached I'm a true 27 but can sometimes fit 26s or 28s

Women's 'Joey' Stretch Big T - Dusty Road Dark or Women's 'Joey' Super T - Dusty Road Dark
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I wish I could find:

1. Rainbow joeys in either Cowboy Destroyed or Med Clearwater. (32)
2. Dragon joey or bobby in Easy Rider or Lonestar
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TR johnny in dark pony size 27/28

thanks =)
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