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^ Hi! Welcome to HF! Which ones do you think are questionable?
We have a lot of similar styles/brands. haha
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The Genetic jeans, the R&Rs: second row forth jean, and the TR: third row fifth jean. I bought them off of ebay and I haven't worn them out because I want to be sure that they're real. =] I hope the others are real...or I will cry.
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If you want them authenticated, take better pics and post in the appropriate threads. From what I can see, the trues look good, but DEF need better pics.
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Here is my collection of Rock&Republic jeans. Took pic with Iphone.

1: Taylor jeans Devolution Ralph (leather pockets)
2: Vaughn Studded" Steel Entry Blue
3: Henlee' (Intruder Wash)
4: R&R Floyd Impact Zone Blue
5: Taylor Ignorance Intrusion Wash
6: Neil from bloomingdales (Yellow pockets)
7: Taylor Studded from (Saks)
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Ralph is a cut, not a wash name. So I'm guessing that pair you have is Taylor Devolution Defined, not Devolution Ralph
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Originally Posted by RRFanatik View Post
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Methane winger, Quaalude winger, Ozone revolver, Oxygen winger
Dark vapor roths w/ meridian crystals, Dark trick roths w/ crystals, Codeine roths w/ black diamond crystals, Dark vapor w/ erinite crystals
I put the DV meridians backwards to show the crystals, the other pocket isn't finished yet.

DV custom red crowns, Dv pink crowns, Addict white crowns, Champagne? crowns
Radion silver crown, 70s wash crown, Electrolyte wicked, Methane berlin

Validium flaming hearts, Borderline Jaguars, Studded Agent Kiedis, Alpha Gold Kiedis
Addict? Chromas, Vicodin fleur crops, Xanax pink costellos, Rainbow addict roths

Ephedrine Costellos, Vicodin Kiedis
Stellar Kassandras, Pink Snake skin Roths
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^Awesome collection! So jealous of your wingers/revolvers~~
I'm still kicking myself for selling my valadium hearts...
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lovely collection! I wish my borderlines didn't rip!
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Renee, I love your collection...all very nice pairs
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Originally Posted by aquapoppie View Post
^Awesome collection! So jealous of your wingers/revolvers~~
I'm still kicking myself for selling my valadium hearts...
the revolvers don't fit. I bought them, then somehow manage to get them to shrink, then I lost weight. If I could get them to shrink a little more (or if I gained the weight back) I'd be fine.
The methanes don't fit either, but I can't sell them. I want to replace them with a smaller size.
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Good pics of jeans.
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My updated collection...

Top Row: Henlee Ultimatum, Henlee Sin City Blue, Taylor Deify, Henlee Paranoid Blue
Middle Row: Floyd Jailhouse Sentence, Henlee Sedated, Floyd Attica, Henlee Stoney, Henlee Crux Blue
Bottom Row: Henlee Morphine, Taylor Amicite, Floyd Oxycotin, Floyd Torpedo
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selling any in the near future?
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Hi everyone. New2Denim2 here. Seems like you already have a New2Denim (I go by New2Denim @AF). This is what i have so far. Trying to add a few more (already posted for them in the wanted section).

Henlee Rapport Reject

Henlee Iconic Blue

Taylor Devolution Defined

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Hi New2Denim2. Great shots you have there! I think that's the first time seeing the Henlee Rapports worn nicely like that. Just purchased the Iconic Blues for my brother for his birthday - he's starting to get into rocks too =) But good start so far!
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This is a really good one. Not too casual but casual nonetheless. Good find!
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Originally Posted by R&R_NYC View Post

Another pair from bloomingdales $184 (20%) off when you spend $300



I knew it's a bit out of our subject but need to admit that there was a very nice hat on the pic :)

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Rock and Republic may make good jeans, but its customer service is horrible. I have bought 2 set of dog collars and leashes, and one leash broken at its first use. Sent an e-mail to customer care and she asked for the receipt. After sending receipt.  there no follow-up, send many e-mails without response. I will never buy anything made by R&R. I will not recommand this brand to anyone.

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Hello! I am new here and this is my first post!!! Here is my very modest(compared to the ones on the page before me) jean collection. Great to be here!!! Rock & Republic, True Religion, 7 For All Mankind, Diesel, William Rast, Joes Jeans, Genetic, Earnest Sewn---R&R are my def fav though...I'm looking ad R&R Vaughn Tangles Thoughts in Size 30 or 31!!!

IMAG0279 (2).JPG

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I tried to post once and I dont think it went through. Anyways I am new here and I wanted to post my modest jeans collection(ecspecially in comparison to the ones that are posted on the page before. IMAG0279 (2).JPG

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Hi. Can one of the moderators delete the last two of my posts with the pics? I didnt realize the first one had taken. I dont want to clutter up the thread. If there is a way that I can do then let me know. Thanks!!!!

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Could you please let me know why you created 2 different ID's? Please have a look at the community guidelines, multiple ID's are not allowed.

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I dont have two ID's. My wife has one and I have one(hence the feminine name pretty pants). She wasnt logged out so when I came to the forum I was still under her name. That is all. Sorry for the confusion.

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