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That is a n amazing collection! Wow, I am jealous!
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i'm new to RR and these are what i got over the past month
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Love them
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yeah those are 3 really nice pairs
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Here's my collection (not just RR)

I think the COH are missing..
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well..macchick is the mack daddy of collections but here is the start of mine..hey Mac when you wanna sell any of those bad boys be sure to PM me!!
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Still have 3 pairs from Leesa that I have to post and I have 3 more coming in the mail...yayyy!!
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Sweet! Gorgeous jeans!

I need to update my pic... some have been sold and some have been added. I think the number's gone up too.
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yeah I'm waiting till I get all I want/ all I need to sell before I post
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you can see where my heart lies... with TR (mostly due to my build) but R&R is growing on me...(oh yea, the cords are for work.. jeans are a no-no but I can get away with cords)
Entire Collection:

Close ups:

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wow. and I love those diesels! are they called Lowsky? tell me about them...
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Here's mine! I first got my quaalude wingers and got hooked and went a lil crazy :X Somebody please take my cc away from me, haha.

Revolver Ozone (debating if to keep them), Winger Steel, Winger Quaalude
Winger Opium, Roth Ephedrine, SFAM Kate Carribean Crystals
Marlow? (love the pockets), Indie Dove Bird
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my growing R&R collection.....

kerosene stevie, silver crown, steel stevie
hydrogen kiedis, pink chroma stevies, codeine roth
dark punk roth, borax kiedis, vicodine roth
customized (tanzanite) purple/blue roths in addict wash, banchee ion, sodium scorpions
pixi shorts in oxygen, custom(fuschia) fuschia/blue addict roths
steel reed, crystal glycerin roth, victoria beckham sydney gold sig
custom(erinite) vapor roths, ray strike, valium roth
radion ivory roth, atomic jagger, vicodine kiss
methane phoenix roth, uranium roth, uranium scorpion
lead pink fleur roth, omega kiedis, vapor roths
raw wicked stevie, amethyst scorpion, opium phoenix jagger
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If I stole all your jeans I could make a down payment (or two, maybe three) for a nice Forest Hill or Rosedale home.
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haha i don't even want to try and figure out how much i've spent b/c i'm sure i'll cry
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You have more R&Rs than I have in my entire denim collection! Holy cow, I love all the crystal ones too!
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small.. havent found any new pairs i really like.
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Uh.......................yea, mine isn't much. But the addiction is growing so will the collection.

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ntegrasr's collection is beauteous! haha mine's like 1/4 of hers.

but mine is gaining ground! lol I'm stable at the 15+ range...hopefully

1: quaalude winger, steel winger, methane winger, opium winger, ozone revolver
2: turmoil roth, halite jagger, uranium roth, addict purple blue, addict rainbow
3: light addict pastel rainbow, sodium roth, dopium jagger, nicotine jagger, ion roth (customized light amethyst crystals from ntegrasr)

tainted issac

waiting on three... ;P but then need to sell 2...
they umm... had mitosis, I swear...
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you have a beautiful collection! .. i'm jealous!
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for the ppl with a ton of jeans, which one is your one favorite and why?
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I only have 3 RR's but still wanted to share
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Nice! Thanks for sharing! I am terrible w/ mens jeans but they look nice!
I have a few concerns over those black TRs..could be the way they are laying (the horseshoes look screwy?)
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Maybe this will clear that up. Plus Microstitching
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oh yea, they are nice! (I love TR... sorry R&R friends!)
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