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Rock and Republic Collection Pics

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Please post pics of your R&R collection here! Any discussion must be kept out and will be deleted. Please start a new thread in the forum if you want to talk about something here. Stay nice everybody and let's see some jeans
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Fresh from the tailor: My dark punk skynards
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My premium denim collection:

The R&R...
Top row, 2nd: Dark Trick Scorpions
Second row, 2nd & 3rd: Halogen Roths, Raw Jaggers (gonna sell these probably)
Third row, 2nd: Dark Blur Micks
Last row, 1st: Stevie Chroma Pink
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Not exactly a collection...
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Aren'tt those the men's crystals we were all teasing the boys about a while ago? Either way, they look AWESOME!! Good score!
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heres my whole collection so far. from left to right. fuschia london crowns, crystal david lee, alloy jaggers, new style ray, dont know the wash
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My adorable pink madrid crowns!! (and my son!)

My Crystal Rs when they were too big for me!!(I've since shrunk them & wear a belt!)
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So i finally took pics of my collection

1st: amethyst scorpion, sodium scorpion, silver madrid crown
2nd: ion banchee, xanex pink kiedis, ray strike
3rd: kerosene stevie, stevie wicked in raw, steel stevie
4th: vapor roth (custom crystals), david lee roth vapor w/ opaline crystals, vapor roth (custom crystals)
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my updated collection some are traded and some arent there and some are in the mail
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holy crap cindy u have a ton
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holy crap! 22 pairs
compared to the one pair I have and the one waiting in the mail
isn't htat like 10,000 dollars?
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i don't think it's good to think about how much you spend, just enjoy them. after i posted pics i added 3 more to my collection if i thought about how much that was i'd probably cry
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no thats true i just got my skulls but i cant put them on because they are whit the taylor for hemming
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cindy i say just add pics as you build your collection that's what i'm going to do, my goal is to catch up w/ you
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yeh i have got 5 more coming my way lol try just try
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oh crap i don't think i'll make it
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Well here's my collection. (so far)

Foam Crowns

Pastel Rainbows

Blue Crystal Roth's

Pink Crowns



White Roth's

I know they're not R&R, but these are my Hudson Supermodel Triangle Pockets

My Taverniti So's. I LOVE my Peggy's, but they are too small



And my SFAMK crystal sigs

I'm still waiting for my Scorpion's, then I think I'll be done. Unless of course they bring out some more cool styles.
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gorgeous collection
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You've amassed quite a collection in a short time, tiff!
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Here they all are... 4 pairs are not pictured, they are coming in the mail. The four pairs are: R&R Fuschia Crowns, SFAM Sugarplum Sigs, Windsor Pink As, and SFAM Reno Flares. 38 pairs total.

The whole thing:

Green Windsor As, Anthrax LA crowns,Charcoal Roths, Madrid Blue Crowns

Uranium Roths, Rainbow Roths, Vicodine Fleurs, Madrid Apricot Crowns

Black Madrid Crowns, White Madrid Crowns, Black Crystal Roths, Borax Roths

Valium Roths, Argyle SFAM, Wingers in Quaalude, Lime LA Crowns in 60s wash

Xanex Roths, London Gold Crowns, Extreme Crystal Fire SFAM, Varga Flares

Gycerine Sapphire Crystal Roths, Pink London Crystal Crowns, Agent Roths, SFAM Extreme Fire Crystals

Silver Madrid Crowns, Caribbean Extreme A Pockets, Caribbean Sapphire Crystal A Pockets, Paige Robertson Las Palmas in Midnite Rocker

White Crystal Crowns

SFAM Extreme Earth Crystal As, SFAM Extreme Wind Crystal As, SFAM Avalon Flares, Vapor Crystal Roths

James Jeans in Gold Digger
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