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R&R Cuts & Washes for men - Page 4

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nice i like em
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too bad floyds are too baggy for my taste. so i'm selling them in the honest mall. i also love these...love the more subdued brown "R's" and the wash. by far my favorite wash along with amino.

anyone wanna buy them off from me lol?
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What about the neil cut? Ive been seeing more of them around, could someone put the this cut with washes in with the rest of them?
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MAN, I love that decay wash...

Anyone know what SN stands for? I was thinking Stoney but I think that's SY.
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nope, i believe SN is stoney blue
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^ great thanks
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Originally Posted by ntegragsr93 View Post
nope, i believe SN is stoney blue
you're right
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Can someone decode this: Mhnlcyg

Btw, I just receive these mhnlcyg and they are gorgeous. I think every guy should own a pair of these. I'll post picture up soon.
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ummm ... they are henleys ...
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The metal isn't too shiny.

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What does 'hnldx' stand for? Henley...?
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anyone know what wash 'hnlar' is? thanks.
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Originally Posted by ntegragsr93 View Post
thanks! i checked out the women's wash list for "ar" and yeah it's aurora.. but i thought it was a funny name for a guy's wash.
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does anyone know the wash on these johnnys I have


outgrew them so now I begin the search to find a bigger pair
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^ I think they are dark crystal
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i agree
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I have a pair of hnlcyg that have gold studs on them. Does that mean they are dark crystal gold?
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normally that one has an m infront of te hnl which stands for metal, but yeah the letter at the end normally stands for the crystal or stud color
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Oh yes, i forgot, there is an 'M' at the beginning of the code.
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saw some new washes at nordstrom today. gravel, dorado blue, and fossil blue
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i saw fossil blue too, it's funky
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Can any one tell me the Men's Niel R&R style # and any other info , color info ?
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