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R&R Cuts & Washes for men - Page 6

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Umm actually I believe mani is manipulator blue

Or atleast thats what it is for guys

MotherFer is not color code: mofo, its mfer
mofo is a different wash
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yeah that was a while back my list got all rearranged
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hi i just started getting into R&R's and right now i have a pair of FLOYDs waist 32.
i usually wear waist 30's for the most part aside from these ones. im interested in getting more R&R jeans which fit similar to the Floyds and would like advice/suggestions.

thanks a bunch!
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if you like bootcut try henley or taylor
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I recently picked up a new pair of Pete in a color code LS. The tag says PETLS. Anyone know what wash LS is?
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Anyone know what this wash is? SBDA?
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its SEDA = sedated
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shameless example of Taylor Blackball (Floyd is the same, minus the flaps)

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Is it possible for two pairs to have the same style numbers, but look different? Thx.
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^ do you have an example or pic
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No, but i found that there was actually a small variation in the style number. Sorry
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^ yes that happens style numbers can vary from jeans to jean even if they are the same cut and wash
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Buckledown Blue... contrast is a little high on the second one.
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^^^ those are the ones
how did you guys become so knowledgeable about R&R's? jw cuz i would like to get to know them like that. haha
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just experience with them
i've been here just under a year and i still have a lot to learn but when i joined i knew NOTHING!
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i still know close to nothing about them. the names of things are easy to learn because it's basically like crayola crayons. every color has its own weird name and after whoring over it for long enough, they start to store themselves in your brain.
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are there any good picture guides anywhere or no?
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what are peoples thoughts on the Henlee Sin City?
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just wondering, if i wear a size 30 in taylors, should i size up (31) in floyd?
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no. taylor is the same as floyd except one has flappy pockets and the other doesnt.
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^ actually that's incorrect. taylors are the same as HENLEY, but w/ flap pockets
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arg. queen wins.
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