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Authentic D&G?

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they all look good to me.
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the only thing i'd be worried about is the price. The pictures of the items look real to me, but the price doesn't reflect what a D&G shirt would cost, even with their inflated shipping rates. ALthough I havn't seen any feed back for fake items, i'd still be a bit warry.
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Thing is, one seller selling the same items says it's outlet stocks and factory dumps. First i didn't believe Dolce & Gabbana had outlets, but they actually do. What i know, they have one in California, New York, and several in Italy.
And i do know that Dolce & Gabbana is extremly popular in asia, so maybe these sellers are outlets?

These are his own words.

Our goods are real or else we will not offer any guarantees as detailed in below, nor can we be one of the long standing apparel top eBay sellers. But as we are not an authorized dealer of any of the brands we are offering, we do not have any certificates to go with our goods -- the same situation applies when you shop in any factory outlets around the world.

Moreover, as most of our goods are factory dump stocks, many things can happen if you compare them back-to-back with goods from official shops. To name just a few: wrong tags, wrong colors, wrong materials, wrong cuttings, wrong threads, buttons, craft details.... things are dumped with a reason. They are not supposed to be up in the open market. What we do as a dump stock seller is to make sure every item is clean, brand new and defect free. We make actual measurements and remind you explicitly not to trust the size tag. We show extra photos more than many other sellers so you can view and decide. With limited resource we are unable to tell what are the differences of any particular style. We are selling as-is. In return you get a high fashion clothing in a fraction of its original price. Therefore if it is critically important for you to get an identical item to the original we will suggest you to buy from an original shop instead of any factory outlets.
This seller to is from Hongkong.

I do have my doubts for several reasons.

If that Belgie T-shirt is fake, then it's extremly well made.
I've seen fakes, and more often, they are bad fakes.

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There is a relatively easy way of telling if a D&G is fake, there should be TWO holograms, one on the tag label and one inside the shirt, they should be HOLOGRAMS, that is they change the image when the light is reflected.
Fake "holograms" are mostly mirror like images.
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Alright, what do you say about this one:
This one is changing the imagine when you move it around light.
It has "depth" and it's not like a mirror like the other fake holograms.

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Är du svensk?
The pic is linked to a swedish page.
Well the best way is to compare the hologram to authentic sellers pics like Dieselxchange.
Where did u get the shirt from? Asia?
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Yes i'm svensk
If you want, add me on raptorsms@hotmail.com

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