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HAhaha....Great advice not_a_virus... make sure not to use expired ketchup...lol. classic... about replacing the wardrobe with a month of ketchup, i have a friend who puts ketchup on everything (steaks, ham sandwich, pork, chicken, potatoes, hell anything that is between 2 slices of bread, etc, etc.), and his jeans aren't designer by any means, so you may be better off buying him new jeans.
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Ok, so no vinegar for my jeans... fine with me. I thought it sounded a little fishy, but some people really do seem to claim it works for them. I guess I'll probably just air on the side of caution and use laundry detergent.
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PS - did anyone else notice how protective the people from Alabama were? Gotta love that Southern hospitality!
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if you really want to preserve your jeans, hand wash with dr bronners(you can find it at any healthfood store), roll them up in a towel to get any excess water out, and then hang dry outside. fading will be minimal.
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Southern hospitality is a dying art and one that is quite unappreciated these days! No offense, I just pictured you as college kid (guy) who had no idea how to do laundry. That would be no stretch, I have a son, and he is spoiled rotten. He will likely not know how to do laundry when he goes to college. The thought of a pair or $250 jeans going through the washer with vinegar, ketchup and bleach made my skin crawl. I hope my comments weren't taken as rude or condesending, its just the mom in me. Good luck with your jeans!
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Haha, no, I definitely did not take any of your comments as rude, I actually thought you were really nice for sticking up for me! Thanks I was serious about the southern hospitality, I like it!
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on the other hand, google also turned up a lot of pages saying otherwise. obviously one or the other is wrong.
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i know you people hate the place, but if you search superfuture youll find alot on this. experts have concluded that its a myth.
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what I have read says a cup of white vinegar for the washload. Don't know if it works or not. I have also heard salt, but I would imagine that would abrade the jeans...
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