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Goodbye Friends

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This is a copy of my resignation post, which I originally posted yesterday in the "Dear Mods" thread in CHAT, but Dave moved it out for some reason. I wanted to put a copy of it here in my old section in case any of you guys did not see it before. I find it somehow fitting to be re-posting this on June 1, 2006, which is exactly 9 months since I joined this place on September 1, 2005. Here was my post:

Dave, please count me out.

Why? I must now leave because:

1) Each time I have tried to communicate with you, and sent you long, carefully composed, and heartfelt messages, you have fired back one-liners, pasted in text pointing me to a section of "updated mod rules," or given me back nothing more than a link to some other post;

2) I continue to be upset that, after our site was hacked, and I asked you to put out a general security note in Chat for all our users, you chose not to take that issue very seriously and not to do it. Your response to me was, approximately, "Oh, I don't think anyone's Paypal info has been stolen or whatever."

NOTE TO EVERYONE: I hope that you are not using the same login and password combo as you do here for Paypal, eBay, or any other sensitive financial information. This site was and may well still be compromised, maybe down to the Root level. My boyfriend does network security, and works with phpbb experts, and when they heard about the hacking here, their response was "Game over, man. Time to take the site offline and rebuild it because it is probably compromised at the Root level."

Dave, ever since the day you made me a mod without even first asking me if I was interested in it--I remember logging in one day, only to discover I'd been made a mod, which was initially confusing to me--it has become increasingly apparent to me that it is truly your preference to make decisions without the input of others, which even you admit is "too slow" a process for you. You also seem to view legitimate discussion and debate about various topics as "complaining," thus your recent addition of the word "Complaining" to the Drama section. I don't understand this sort of approach towards open discussion, as it is so different from my own. When people are upset about something, there is often a legitimate reason for it beyond the idea that they are "complaining." This is especially true when people are upset with YOU. Labelling them as "complainers" causes them to continue "complaining" because they are hoping that at some point, you might really take the time to talk to them about what they are upset about. Quick one-liners will never cut it when someone is angry or upset with you.

All the drama here this past week or so has been completely exhausting to me--as I'm sure it has been for you--so much so that I feel like I never want to come here again. To feel this way now is disappointing, to say the least. I once had so much fun here and believed that you were doing good things with your time and money.

I like what crmc05 said to you here:

Originally Posted by crmc05
Excuse me but it's hard to infer from only looking at your posts...Is everything just going over your head? Ya you're writing that you respect their decisions, but your responses seem like you have put almost no thought into them whatsoever.

"ya man i respect your decision dawg...good luck in the future homie"

...don't YOU think when almost all of the staff has decided to leave; something is wrong?

Good luck Dave.
He said, "Don't you think when almost all of the staff has decided to leave that something must be wrong?" I've repeatedly asked if you'd noticed what all these interpersonal problems around you had in common: you. You told me you found this idea humiliating, but it wasn't meant that way, and it doesn't need to be a point of humiliation; rather, it could be an opportunity to change, to really change how all your interactions with other people go, to relieve all this pressure you must be feeling. This could be a really great thing for you, an amazing thing, a rewarding thing, a powerful thing. But you don't seem interested in this kind of change.

Well, here I am, really pouring my heart into a communication again, and I will probably once again get a one-line response from you.

Finally, I agree with what Pam, Pinchy, Mikayla, and Joan have said in this thread, and Ben in another. I've shared their feelings of frustration, as well as the feelings of frustration of other mods who have not chosen to post here. I agree with what mrstkeller said here, too, and I'm sorry for her that she got stuck in the middle of this ugliness. I am deeply sorry that things have turned out this way.

I have just de-modded myself, by unsubscribing to the Mod user group, so you don't have to do it for me.
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Bye hon
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bye signe. thanks for all your hard work. sad to see you go.
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Bye. I really liked you, and thought you were a GREAT mod. Who loves Antik more?
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Fear can sometimes be a useful emotion.
For instance, let's say you're an astronaut on the moon and you fear that
your partner has been turned into Dracula. The next time he goes out for the
moon pieces, wham!, you just slam the door behind him and blast off. He might
call you on the radio and say he's not Dracula, but you just say, "Think
again, bat man."
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bye... antik =(
sad to see u leave
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Has she come back? Bring her back!
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.............why ?
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I'm wondering why this thread was resurrected as well...
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I wondered where she went.. (i think i was in hospital at the time) and when i was searching some antiks her name and honestforum came on my screen and voila! I find out why she left. I remember how nice she was.. Its ok though, we can put this thread to sleep again, i was just adding a lil nothin'
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