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Originally Posted by waltuod
I think both denimtalk and authenticforums both have their own financial interests in mind. Correct me if I'm wrong. I doubt they will collaborate.

A third option is for a few long time members (ex-mods, present mods, long-time HF members with high visibility) of HF to create their own forum. I would propose a non-profit, fashion forum similiar to HF. All ad revenue pays the server costs and all excess revenue will go to charity with open accountability. Mods would get a small portion of revenue before the excess is given to charity. Most decisions would be made democratically, with the mod team weighing acting as representatives for the board members. Pretty much everything HF should of bee
this is a great idea. and i am interested to see if it would work.

IMHO there is one problem though. TIME. it takes a hell of a long time to do all the work. in ONE day last week i spent 18 flippin hours fixing server problems, backups, backend stuff and not to mention doing a little administering too.

doing busy behind the scenes work just takes a lot of time.