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Originally Posted by mee4
I just bought my first pair of TR joeys and need to cut off 2 inches. Is there a way to do the sandwich method?? I dont like the thick bottoms.
The link in my previous thread is for the 'sandwich method.
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Originally Posted by dvd
But what if your jeans are flared and you want to take off, say 4 inches? Wouldn't the hem bunch up or something?
You can do the hemming the way it is mentioned on the Zcavaricci website (below), but you'd just have to cut and sew the inside part, so there won't be bunching. My woodstock Joeys were done that way (as were a pair of bobbys), and they look fine, the seams are slightly off. It's less than 1/4 an inch difference, so I think you'd be fine. My jeans have a 30.5 inseam length.
Originally Posted by pck18
here's the link to the method I was talking about...
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