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Another community website: www.denimtalk.com

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Hi folks, blank here. Just wanted to let you know that I've started a new website called www.denimtalk.com

Denimtalk has a simple purpose, summed in our motto: by denim enthusiasts, for denim enthusiasts. Our goal is to create the web's foremost denim community, and we're hoping to get anyone who loves denim involved.

My goal is not to usurp members from the HonestForum. I've loved my time here and will continue loving it. But, at the same time, HF was created to help users discern fake denim from authentic denim. This is wholly necessary, indeed. I'm hoping that denimtalk.com can become a forum for those who love denim and want more than a forum littered with "authentic or not?" posts. Let's talk about the nitty-gritty of this fashion world.

One of denimtalk's biggest projects will be the jeancyclopedia, which we hope will become the web's #1 omnibus denim guide, spanning different labels, cuts, and washes. This should be live in a few days time, and we think it can be a tremendous asset to the web's denim community.

Similarly, I recognize that there is growing dissent among HF members, and that there are many questionmarks about HF's direction. Once more, I'm not trying to squash the HonestForum, but I am offering an alternative. denimtalk can become the web's best denim community if we work hard at it. I can personally assure visitors that I have immense plans to market and promote the website, and that over time, it can, in fact, become the web's foremost site for denim and fashion talk.

I realize that I'm proabably stepping on people's toes here, and that there's a chance I'll be reprimanded by the administrator. I checked the FAQ and did not really see anything against this post, so I went ahead and did it. I'm just trying to be honest on the HonestForum.

I'm happy to answer any questions of any nature, so feel free to email me at denimtalk@gmail.com

If you're curious, check out the site:
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I'm joined as: Pennyroyal.
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me too, Im bombon
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me too!
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Im under Mr Calvin Oscar
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I will join ...

o by the way

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Just joined - same name.
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just joined
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people should use their HF names on that site, or at least post your denimtalk name in here.
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joined - same name also.
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or just ass "fka JillianS" in your sig on the new sites
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Joined-same name
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i'm vincevtec
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Joined (same name)
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i just registered as mysassygirl
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Originally Posted by poprocks86
i just registered as mysassygirl
heyyyyy that was a good movie
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joined - girlyzee
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me too!
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Joined ~ "Melanie"
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joined ~ jessicalm as not to confuse myself
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Yay, another forum to talk about jeans! I joined...same username.
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I joined! I'll be the person posting as EmeraldStar
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