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fake Frankie B. jeans???

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I bought a pair of Frankie B. 3" Butterfly pockets from Coco and Delilah in a size 4. It was tight fitting, but I was able to fit into them. I then bought a pair of Goldigger F pockets in a size 4 as well on Ebay and I couldn't even fit into them. I examined them to my pair and besides the style, everything looked the same. It had the F on the zipper, the butterflies on the inside pockets,the same buttons, the same inside and outside tags and labels were identical, and the material looked and felt the same. Even the plastic bag they come in were the same with the same font on the style label. The only thing wrong was the F pockets were too small. Could this be a fake Frankie B.?? BTW, these jeans were purchased from "Future44" on Ebay. Thanks.
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has anyone had any experience with this seller?? (future44)
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I did bought a Frankie from this seller. It's authentic. You weren't able to fit in the other Frankie B prolly bc the fabric doesn't stretch as much as the other one. I wear a sz 2, but certain 2 are tighter than the others. Sometimes I also fit into a 0. It depends on a fabric. But this seller sells authentic Frankie
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