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heather, you totally remind me of this girl from the movie dorm daze. I swear you could be sisters. especially in your avatar pic.

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Originally Posted by HMG
LMAO! You are too funny.
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becks, that girl is in one of the CSIs! i can't point my finger on which one...

Heather, you're so pretty!
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Heather, the jeans look great on you! I can't believe you had a baby 5 months ago. Hats off to you, you look amazing! TOTALLY Heidi Klum-like!
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looking good heather. a wash and dry could shrink em a little too. i would of never of guessed u had a kid 5 months ago. def. hottie/milf!
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the jeans fit you perfectly. i don't think they're too loose.
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they look great, dont think they're too loose either

and yes...milf
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