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PICS of my new joeys...

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Sorry they aren't very good. How do y'all take pictures of your own asses? Anyhow, I love them.

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They look god, if just a little loose, but if you throw them in a dryer, they'll tighten right up.

And I put the camera in the small of my back and turn around and pray I dont wobble
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I agree with Keri ~ they look really nice on you, just a tad baggy in the legs!

I use a timer on my camera to take pics
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NICE...a bit loose, but nice just the same....Let's put it this way, non-denim experts WON'T have their eyes glued to any looseness on the thighs
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I have that problem with jeans. I have chicken legs and noassatall syndrome. Now you are making me think I should have waited to find a 24.
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They look really nice. I actually think girls look cute in jeans that are a bit loose for a change every once in a while. but yeah, they'll probably shrink anyway. Cute though.
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looks good!
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Looks Great!!!
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Oh BTW what wash are those...
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they are medium clearwaters. Just the right amount of distressing IMO.
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looks good
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those look really cute just they way they are. somedays i prefer tighter jeans, but on other days, i prefer a loose fit...depends on which you prefer
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you are hot.
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agreed with HMG. You=hotness
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Lookin good!! (I think I have the exact same t-shirt as you too!)
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Heather! You look great...very hot..
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and cute
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Super Cute! Definitely keepers. You are sooo tiny too!
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I want those joeys been looking ") They look nice you are very pretty
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Heather... you make me excited to get my Joeys in the mail... Those look really great on you; you're a cutie!
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I agree with what everyone else has said. They're a bit loose, but sometimes it ends up looking really cute.
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Awww, thanks everyone. Would you believe I had a baby 5 months ago?
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Originally Posted by heathervieno
Awww, thanks everyone. Would you believe I had a baby 5 months ago?
You're kidding me. That's crazy. You look fabulous, and I never would have guessed that you had a child!
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Actually I have two. A 2 year old and the 5 month old. Both boys. They keep me very busy.
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