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Help! Keep or trade Joey SLV(pics)

Poll Results: Keep, or trade/sell?

  • 33% (8)
    Keep! You can shrink those thighs no problem!
  • 58% (14)
    Trade for a pair of stretch Joey's - your thighs are too small for rigids
  • 8% (2)
    Sell them so you can get a different style - Joey's (stretch or rigid) just won't work for you
24 Total Votes  
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Okay, so I loove this wash, and love how these look in the front:

But they fit pretty tight in the waist and butt(which is fine since they'll stretch out), BUT they're super loose in the thighs:

I sized up in these(I'm pretty much a true 26, these are 27) because I can't even get a 26 up past my ass! So am I doomed with rigid joeys, or can I shrink just the thighs? Argh, I'm so frustrated!!
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I think they look great as is, but you could try just shrinking the thighs, or have your tailor take them in a bit.
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I agree, try to shrink them a bit but otherwise looking great =)
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My experience with rigid is that they stretch more than stretch jeans do... IMO, these will only get bigger in the thighs (and everywhere else). I won't tell you what to do though since it's my Joeys you may trade for!
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They look great but I think that they're bothering you now and they will bother you even more when they stretch a bit. I voted to get a pair of stretch joeys.
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I agree with Lisa & Colleen ^ They will probably only stretch out more and then you will be even more unsatisfied with them
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Honestly I think they look good. How much more are the thighs going to stretch out. If not much I say keep them.
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Rigids will always stretch out more, So I think a pair of stretch Joey's would be great for you! Joeys are such a great style and your behind looks great in them!!
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Rigids stretch MUCH more than stretch Joeys. If any looseness is bothering you now, it will only get worse as the day goes on. I vote to get stretch!
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the thing about rigid, is it stretches out, where stretch is made of spandex like material which keeps its form over many wears. im not very particular on light washes, but those jeans dont look to bad, maybe u can try to hot wash and shrink them
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I really like the wash of those jeans on you! However, I think that you should maybe give stretch jeans a try---I have the same problem you do with rigids. When I got my first TRs, they were rigid, and fit perfectly, but then they stretched out after about half an hour and by the end of the day they were SUPER baggy all over! I ended up sizing DOWN for my rigid Joey Sunshines just because I didn't want that to happen again. My second pair of TR was a pair of stretch Joeys, and the difference was amazing...I LOVE them! They stretch out just enough in all the right places but never get baggy
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i have this same problem with rigid joeys...and it only gets worse because they stretch out like crazy...i thknk stretch would look better, stretch holds its shape pretty well
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I can attest to the fact that stretch TRs DO NOT stretch much AT ALL! And the rigid ones stretch quite a bit. Confusing!!!!!
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I think you should trade...as others have said, the bagginess in the thighs is not TOO bad IMO but it will bug YOU. I am having the same problem - I love the jeans but they are just so baggy in some areas that I have to admit they are not for me Try out the stretch as they tend not to stretch out as much (or will go back to normal after a wash)!
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Thank you everyone!! It breaks my heart that these don't fit right, because I'm so in love with this wash. And I KNOW they make a really light wash somewhat like this in stretch, because awhile ago I tried them on at Nordstrom, and someone sold some in the mall not too long ago(before the site went down, so I forget who). I wish I didn't hesitate on those Well, I'm gonna wash and wear them for a day and see how it goes - but my guess is I'll be trading these for some stretch ones.
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I think those look ok. But for some reason when I look at the picture of the front, it looks like your in pain lol. But they are kind of lose in the back, I would just keep it as it is. They don't look bad at all!
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Rigid jeans stretch perfectly, it's really nice because they end up fitting you just the way you want. Stretch TRs usually come small, but they don't even stretch as much as the rigids do, because they keep their shape.
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Ok, what the fuck is up with our avatars?

The front of those jeans looks too tight. If they're already too loose in the thighs, they're going to stretch even more.
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I think they look fine! I don't like my thighs to be strangled by my jeans
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i think you should trade these for some stretch ones. they look nice on you, but there is nothing more frustrating than having a beautiful pair of jeans bag in the wrong places. you have a nice body; make sure you accent it.
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