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Vancouver, BC residents... tailor?

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can any of you recommend a great tailor/seamstress in the Lower Mainland area?

i have a pair of True Religion Joey Sunshine Big Ts, and they fit perfect in the waist but are too loose in the leg/butt.

i'd like to get them taken in... nothing too fancy, just the twisted seam overlapped on itself should do the trick.

i'm worried, though, after seeing those pics of ruined TRs from a local tailor.

can you recommend someone that's done a similar procedure while keeping the original stitching, or perhaps a place with knowledge of premium denim?

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nordstrom always does a good job (expensive though)
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if only there were one in Canada
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When I worked at Mantique on fourth and arubutus we used the cleaners across the streets besdie Sophie's cosmic cafe, they got really good at working with our diesels and stuff, but that was a few years ago, hope that helps
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Try this place (or at least give them a call and inquire):

Couple More Stitches
1275 - 8788 Mckim Way, Cosmo Plaza

The tailor there used to work at Harry Rosen, so I'm assuming he's not too shabby.

There's also one on Fraser somewhere, that charges $8 for taking the leg in...but I don't know exactly where it is.
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dont go to the ones in park royal....they are pretty bad
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I highly recommend www.himarkmartintailors.com at Sheraton Wall Centre,1088 Burrard Street.They are bespoke tailors from hong kong and quite frequently visit Sheraton Wall Centre,I have ordered three suits last time when they were in Vancouver.I m very happy with the result.I m quite sure they are specialised in alterations as well.

Check the above link for more details.

Hope this helps.



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On thurlow/robson there is one, Aritzia and Plenty send customers there, it's right on thurlow, on the side where Banana Republic is, pass BR, pizza place, convenience store and there it will be. Also I do my jeans tapered/altered at the Stitch's International under London Drugs on Georgia ans Granville. Those ladies are good.

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