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True Religion Factory?

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Hey everyone, I'm just being curious and am wondering if anyone actually knows where True Religion makes their jeans. I know they do in the USA, but just wondering if they have a specific factory. Also, does anyone know why they make their Vinnie jackets in china? that's kind of weird to me. just wondering.
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That doesn't really seem likely...Email them ask the question.
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They have two main suppliers in the US (California): Pinc Fashion and Atomic Denim. They produce their jeans. Their jackets and other wear is produced mainly in their factory in Mexico. Not giving out a whole lot of info but that's what I will tell you...
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Almost everything your ever wanted to know about TR:
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Well there is one main factory in LA that holds everything, I have the address if you need it...
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Originally Posted by staluckey
Well there is one main factory in LA that holds everything, I have the address if you need it...
omg I cant stop laughing at your avatar
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Go to TR's website and all of your questions can be answered. I know that they manufacture kids denim in Mexico and they mention several other countries that produce items for them. You can also email the creator, Jeff Lubell from that website.
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is it possible that go visit the factory and buy a few jeans from there?


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im looking the adress for true religion factory, can you help me?



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can you give me the adress from true religion factory?


adriana, mexico.

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google it. There are several factory stores around the country. One is in Carlsbad, Ca

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