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Joey destroyed

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I don't own any, would you size up on these. im a 29 in seven, think I should go 30? ty
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If your a size 29 In seven Dont size up for TR. Destroyed runs pretty TTS if not a bit more loose for men. That's what I have noticed. Wait. Are you a guy or girl? If your are a girl im not sure then
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I'm a 29 in stretch and sometimes rigid sevens, and I wear a 29 in rigid and stretch TR too.
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It depends on the year the jeans were made. The earlier TR Joey Destroyeds have a reputation for running one size too big, so if you are a 29, you should buy a 28. I don't know about the newer Joeys tho, I think TR adjusted the sizes on the recent batch of destroyeds or got another fit model or something. By the way, I'm talking about the womens jeans.
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Which destroyed wash are you going to get? (light dark, or black) From my experience the lighter wash is small to tts, but the darker wash kind of runs big. Not big enough to size down though.
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Hello Ty

Im a girl, Joey twisted destroyed. The lighter wash. I wasn't sure because everyone has different measurements. here is a pic of what I want, not my size, TY!!!

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i say those run TTS.
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Originally Posted by sicapooh
i say those run TTS.
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