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So how tight is too tight???

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OK...I just got these 4 pairs, all in my regular TR size. But I struggled getting into 3 out of the 4 pairs...I meant, laying down to zip them, sucking my breathe in, almost broke a nail kinda struggle
Not giving up though...I used the waistband stretcher to stretch the Sunshine and SLV, and I wore the Crop Sammy semi wet for like 3 hrs (Not sure how those women in the old days can stand wearing girdles...).

Here's the result (BigT Joey SLV, BigT Sammy Crops, Sunshine Easy Rider)



Are they wearable now? Opnions? Your preference...if any... :P

And these are R&R Kravitz.. ( I know wrong forum, too lazy to start there..)
They run smaller than most R&R. Too tight....me think...look at the lovehandles on the butt shot

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I don't know where you see love handles? I think they all look great on you
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NONE of those jeans look too tight! you look great
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The only ones I see remotely snug are the first ones.
The rest LOOK SUPER!!!
Might I add that I wish I could wear my jeans without getting them hemmed
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i have those same slv joeys and i love them so much! I do think the R&R are too big because they squish your butt
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Damn girl---they all look fantastic!! But I know what appears great in pictures may feel too tight on you personally. So I would keep them if they feel comfortable after wearing them a little bit. But as I said initially--they look great, you look so tall (even taller than you actually are!).
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they all look good imo. were any of those hemmed? 'cause i know r&r run reallyyyyy long.
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can i just ask what your regular size is? you should try to shrink those bobbys, i did it with my TRs and it worked great!
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I think they all look great! AND they should be tight!!
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I think all look great, but the sammy crops dont live up to the rest, they may be a smidge too tight, or the wet wear may have stretched them out in an odd place
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Oh BTW, I think it would be tough to pull off the sammy crops personally (just b/c I don't love crops on me), but they look like they were meant for you. Seriously!
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I think they all look good too!
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The fit is perfect on all of them! They all look great on you.
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You look great in all of them pck!!! Keep them all...I love the big t easy rider crops!!! adorable!!
You look Fantastic BTW!!!
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I tend to notice people think what is too tight in reality, is perfect in pictures. Try wearing them around the house and stretching them out, and if that doesn't work and they are still too uncomfortable, then get rid of those ones.
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^ Indeeed Tsukasa. I think it's just feeling once you pull the jeans on. But after a couple minutes they are usually fine.
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I think all but the first pair look perfect. The first pair of joeys looks too tight IMO given the wash.
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They do not look too tight to me in any of those pics. They look good.
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they all look good to me. i like them all. never too tight..
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they look great but those are sunshine saddlebacks, not easy rider.
I think the crops look great!!
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I think they all look great my 1st is too tight looking in thigh area
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Okay so pck, this might make you feel better. My SLV were a size too small, and now they fit perfect. You should be fine!
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The SLVs look too tight. Everything else looks amazing, especially the sammy crops and the R&R. And you are hallucinating love handles, there are none!
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You look sooooo cute!
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when you sit down and they rip
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