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green rainbow pockets?! - Page 2

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and the plot gets thicker.
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busted =\
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Damn, I prolly would ahve bid too, saw them last night, before posting, but am SOOO NOT down with shilling!!!
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those are sooo pretty! ugh, why does there always have to be drama around jeans i want?
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Originally Posted by Keri
i love green, like really love green.

I will do obscene things to get my hands on these, including and not limited to:
-licking my armpit after mowing
-picking my nose with my toe
-go pee in the woods

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Originally Posted by Hera
Ice -blue
I could go on forever.......HEHE, where is there "suggestion" box???
i am with you! they need to fill the whole rainbow of colors

i love the green! i love yellow, and i would really love red or purple
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Originally Posted by lauriebell
Be warned...
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