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my first pair of TRs (pics)

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I am soooo in LOVE with these...I think they look fab if I do say so myself They are super comfortable and fit pretty well (little snug in the waist but it will stretch)

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Nice jeans. And really nice wash. Easy Rider. I just got a pair of Easy Rider Super Ts and they look like the same color.

U got good taste...
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great pants and awesome fit!
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They look great on you!!!
Great pics!!

*cbrooke's start of a viscious spending habit*
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Looks good!!!
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those are HOT on you! probably won't be your last TR either!
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very cute!
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Looks really good. What wash is that?
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They look super duper cute on you! Perfect wash for summer. You will be hooked on TR's !! This certainly will not be the last. Just make sure to post pics of your next pair
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hot tamale
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you're a cutie...that's for sure. god, that wash is more beautiful each time I see it..
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Wow! I think these are my favorites that I have seen you in! You look awesome in them
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I actually don't know what wash they are...but they have white stitching which I love
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LOL- I was at a loss too? Wash wasnt put on tag and I search revolve,
but they still are pretty
and you wear them well!!!!!!
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I think they might be Medium Pony Express???
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I dunno, maybe Luvapup, or leesamarie may be able to ID
They are good with the washes.
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Easy Rider....
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I am not doubting anything, but I had a pair of sammy in easy rider, and they didn't look the same?the easy rider was that pretty gray hue blue appearance, this looked more like the clearwater denim color(not the ditressed part though or green dirty look), but I really don't know, If i don't see it on revolve then I truly stink at the wash part........I'm going to look again.NEED to sharpen my skillz-LOL
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Those look so amazing on you! I love that wash and the white stitching too!
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Super cute! I love the white stitching on big Ts!
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Easy Rider and MPE are VERY similar, Easy Rider has a little more fading/whiskering, and minor distressing. Both are awesome washes...the wash is Easy Rider, there is some minor distressing, MPE doesn't have distressing.

I agree with everyone else...you look great in those! Awesome 1st pair!
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