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How far would you go to check authencity?

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I'll try to make a long story short... I just bought some Seven jeans from a local store in a big mall, very reputable store and all, but I'm trying to figure out where my jeans come from.

I checked over all the comparison sites and found that my jeans are dead on with real ones, only difference is that there was no sticker on the inner waistband when I got them, but all other details are there. So I figure the store removes the stickers before putting them on the shelves.

So after I bought them, I got all skeptical and decided to look into it a bit more. I went to another local store, basically a bigger store with more than one location. I checked out the jeans they were carrying and found that they had the white paper tags as mine has the golden cloth tag.

I then realized that the white paper tags are there because they include French instructions, which is a law here in Quebec. All merchandise has to be labeled in French and in English.

So I brought it up with the people at the bigger store and they said that it's a possibility that the jeans were brought in "illegally" from the U.S. as there is only one distributor for Seven jeans in our region. They offered for me to bring the jeans by and they'd check them out too.

But now here's the thing, I want to go back to the store I bought them from and check out the status of all the Seven jeans they have so I can see if all of them are maybe from the same place with the same type of tags. I also doubt that if I ask who their distributor is that they'll tell me. Most of all, I don't want to confront them or cause any fuss until I'm 100% sure.

So what would you people do if you were in my shoes? I plan on passing by the bigger store that offered to take a look at my jeans sometime this weekend. I just have the biggest doubt in the back of my mind, and it makes me mad that I paid $170CAN for some fakes from a REPUTABLE store located in a BIG mall here in Montreal.

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Forgot to mention, the jeans I got are Bootcut NYD's for men.

Style: T520D061U-061U
Cut #: 702854
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Hmm well thats a COMMON fake cut number for that type of jean! Are you sure they're even authentic? You can also contact 7fam for a list of authorized distributors/stores selling their items. If they REQUIRE clothing to have instructions in French and English I doubt they came from an authorized 7fam distributor... bc they would know that! Anyways, post pics of the inside tags bc I'm wondering about the authenticity of them.
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Is there any contact information for Seven where I can give them a call to find out distributors?

I'll get some pics of the tags tonight...

It's odd how I put the style and cut numbers into eBay and got no results

I thought I could avoid fakes by sticking to buying in store, but I guess not...
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I typed the cut number and you have to check the box that says "Search title and description" and came up with these:


(And two of them are lots of 12!)

This is on sevens site:



se ce apparel
655 cote de liesse
montreal, qc

tel. 1-514-341-4440
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Thanks a lot for the contact info. I was at school while posting and the site wouldn't load.

I called them up since they're in Montreal as well, and I left a message for the person in charge of Seven jeans. She called back, got my machine, and then I called back and she's busy but I'll get through soon
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Well I called the Canadian distributor and it turns out the store I bought them from are official distributors of Seven jeans... Guess I was wrong :/
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