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So, Honestforum has a phpChat. It's pretty ghetto and stone-age, but it exists.

So, what's the story mods? Afraid of the bandwidth usage or...

Sorry 'bout the inquisitiveness, but I'm wondering why it's unused.

I'm sure we've brought up the idea before.
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hmmmm... it does now?
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phpchat seems to suck.

we have use aolIM chat b4
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It does, yeah. But it does the trick.

To a degree.
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it would be cool to have monthly chat sessions
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It would be, indeed.

AOL though?

Don't use it. I'm into MSN, personally.
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I like MSN
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Either one works for me.
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AOL for me, def, I refuse to have any more messengers
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I dont even know where to go for aol chat - I suck
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we are chatting right nowwww
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I use AOL for friends. I us msn for...uhhhh.....Honestforum acquaintences
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Originally Posted by staluckey
we are chatting right nowwww
Yesssssss! Our AOL screenname for HF is Honestforumchat . You can go click on "send chat invite" and insert your own name. Current chatroom name is "hfchat"
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i had a HF member add me to their msn, but i havent been able to get my msn to work for a while now and i have no clue whats wrong with it, i have the newest version installed.
an error message pops up that says there is possible a problem with the service or my internet connection. anyone have any clue how i can fix this?
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Come on in & chat!!
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how do I access this from AIM?
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Same thing... click on the "send chat invite" and enter your own name for the ID, and hfchat for the room name
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Can someone send me an invite? since I'm on express

sn: advan031
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yeah, it hink I have express as well, I'm kerilynndell
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ooh I just went in and then my AIM shut down ...I think chat sounds like an awesome idea!
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sorry, I wondered wha thapened
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how do you get to AIM chat site?
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what is your sn, I'll invite you
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I heart msn
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Dammit mgoose, download AIM, stop resisting!
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