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98 registered memebers on and 216 guests are on right now.... whaaaaaaaaaaaat.
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I saw that too!!
I was thinking that maybe its people who are trying to figure out how to log on and then did so now they are showing up as guest and logged on?
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Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yeah probably. That was probably me too for about 15 minutes while I was trying to log on at first.
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Yeah ~ I couldn't log in for the longest time - I finally read the post about log-in problems and logged in.
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new registration is also being denied, so there might be a lot of lurkers
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That's true...but daaaaaaaaaaamn, that's a lot of guests.
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well, i noticed people's names at the bottom of the idex page that were banned????? so, that's odd too.
I can't wait until all the kinks are worked out of this new site.
I miss my "comfort zone"
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Yeah. I tried logging on like 2,558,325 times. Went on as a guest and went to thejeansite.com to get on. glad i did too!
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holy shite. 343 users on right now. like 196 guests, wtf?
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Seriously ~ a few minutes ago there were over 400 users??? Before the site had all of those problems I never saw more than 150 at a time (I think) ~ what's up with this??? Can it really be accurate?
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