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My first pair of TR! - Page 2

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You look so great!!!
Please excuse me now, I must go exercise
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You look great TR!!! Buy more, k?

I have such a big collecttion of TR that I can't stop...Noooooooooo, but I can't resist the pull to buy more TR...sigh

Super Ts are AWESOME!!!BTW
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WOW! Looking good!
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You look fabulous in them!
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OMG i am so jealous when are my first pair of joeys ever going to get here!! i have been missing the UPS delieveries for almost a week now!! ...oh yeah you look great in yours!!
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Originally Posted by fosterzmom
Originally Posted by watnxt
ohhhhhhhhhhh nice. Mine will be here Wed. or Thurs. Bet I don't look as good in mine as you do but with a few more pounds off maybe, lol.
And please tell me where you got that belt??? Love it!!!!!
I don't remember where I got it but it's by Brighton.
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those look soooo good on you! congrats!
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You look great. I know I'm going to Vegas in two weeks and I'm going to go shopping. Does anyone know where they sell True Religion jeans there?
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WOW! Those look awesome on you! And no, I'm not biased!
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