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So fake

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those horse shoes are hilarious
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This also has pics of fake SFAM, as I just took a ton of pics of the fakes i had. stupid eBay:

TR DKhandsand Rainbow

TR Breast Cancer, to show alternate tags/pocket bags
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LMAO! You would think the Chinese would get the J on Jeans down and the tags banged up a little better. Those jeans are N-A-S-T-Y!
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what are some tips to spot sammy fakes?
I think they are harder to tell
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Joey Big T Rainbow (click to enlarge)

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yea wat about bobbys?
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If the pictures aren't obvious, can people put down what gives them away as fakes for the benefit of noobs like me?
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True Religion Sammy Big T's

Wait--I was looking thru all the pictures in this thread, and I can't see how the Sammy Big T's are fake--they look like dark pony express, right?
I know that when they first came out they had numbers, and I've seen a whole bunch on ebay without the Red Border on the waistband tag...I just figured that the original sammy big t's--the ones from a few years ago--just didn't have the red border? There is even one seemingly reputable clothing website that has pictures of them--professional pictures--and the waistband tag does not have the red border. I'm so confused, and I'm looking to buy a pair!!
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ok...has anyone looked closely at the design on the back pocket of the first link posted by rr1340hd (right above this post)....that's the funniest thing i've ever seen...what is it supposed to be? some kind of anime goblin?
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its the kama sutra embroidery. I think its one Indian god having sex with another one.
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wow...I'm with conniet123, I think it'd be helpful to have some kind of guide to what exactly you see that's fake...I can spot most of them, but not all, I need some expert help :P
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want a laugh

want a laugh check these out
eBay.co.uk: NWT AUTHENTIC TRUE RELIGION BILLY DESTROY JEANS 29 (item 220068453528 end time 12-Jan-07 03:04:55 GMT)
im getting better at spotting things the first thing that jumps out, are the back pockets, they are far from equal from the centre.
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Originally Posted by emy2222 View Post
wow...I'm with conniet123, I think it'd be helpful to have some kind of guide to what exactly you see that's fake...I can spot most of them, but not all, I need some expert help :P
I agree.
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^dunno if this is kosher or not, but authentic forum has a TR auth guide w/pics and everything. it helps me weed out most fakes...but they don't have pics for determining sammy authenticity which would be nice to have.

here you go:

How to spot fake tr's! - Authentic Forums
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TR joey big T

Ok I'm new to TR, usually they dont fit and i buy Joe's. Anywho my friend convinced me to get this super cute pair of what i'm now wondering if they're real TRs.
Did TR ever make a dark joey big T with blonde stitching and gold rivets/buttons? or did i get scammed. and if i did, who do you go to to report scammers b/c he came and set up in a hotel by where I go to school and said everything was authentic.
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I am new to this forum and also new to wearing TR jeans. I bought a pair in Chicago a few weeks ago and I am hooked. I never understood why someone would spend so much for a pair of jeans.....now I totally understand. Anyway, I was just wondering how you can spot fakes. What exactly do you look for? Thanks!!
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That looks like a man to me. I want to puke.
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^ with really REALLY big nostrils, if I might add.
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