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That is just freakin' wierd and nasty...poor advertising choice.
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Hey at least you get a perspective for how long they are ... and they are very very long. We actually wanted to get a taller model but we were very rushed in terms of getting pictures taken. It's definitely on our list of things to get taken care of.
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Here is a pic of me in the Studded Triangle Pockets. These are Supermodel length (37 inch inseam) and they are not super long as you can see...I am only 5'9 and I am wearing 2" heels in this pic.

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^^Girl, you are FINE! I am so jealous!!!! Ummmmm, and ONLY 5"9"????? I am very proud of my 5'6.5"! Jeez, to have those extra 2.5 inches; I am so envious!!!!
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^Oh please, you should talk. You always look AMAZING in all your pics, and you have had a baby, you got me beat there! I hope I look half as good as you after my first baby!
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damn, tat looks crazy on the model. i agree with fosterz, u look good, weasella! u have some long ass legs! hehe
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^ Thanks *Blushing*
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omg - that's without words! some people are just blind!
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linds could sport those in 4-5 inch heels i think...
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thats really weird. it makes her look short, but shes probably not. you'd think they would just fold them up underneath or something! it looks awful
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I agree weasella I would kill for your long legs!!
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mabye weasella should be the new model for those Hudsons!!....you guys I just feel sooo short right now , Im such a flea!...Im 5"3
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