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Congrats, Jessani!
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Originally Posted by idalis
Jessani won the China Flynts!
Congrats, Jess . . . I absolutely adore mine, and I hope you enjoy yours, too!
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10 count em ten pages
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Just move it to drama
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Nah, we'll just wrap it up. I kinda feel jessani should have the last post though!
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Please lock this.
I am used to internet drama, but I never thought I'd find internet drama on a JEANS forum.

Michele seems to be a despicable person incapable of following simple etiquette, but some of our members that seem to thrive on drama need to simply watch desperate housewives and stop making things into witch hunts. I can picture some of you frothing at the mouth with glee that there's drama. Lord.
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P.S. Congrats Jessani!

I had never seen chinas before, that's one good thing about this thread despite all the negativity =)
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Originally Posted by Linds
Hahaha, we've been working on getting a bunch more here so hopefully that will work out soon! There are a few others that I think you and a lot of other members would get a good laugh out of.
Woohoo! This MUST mean a barf emoticon!!![/quote]

Har har har.
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^ that was directed at me.
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Hehe, I made a new post because I thought this one would get locked! I hope they run really small, and that is all I have to say.

nah nah nah nah nah, Michele!
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Where the heck is the barf emoticon?
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